3rd street New York City


gen ken performs "Because Why?"


Generator was a personal/public experiment that began on June 1, 1989. Having been involved in sound art music culture and the international mail art and cassette networking scene for 10 years while being based in New Yolk's Lower East Side, I wanted to find out how much of an interest there was in the same scene locally. Generator quickly became a meeting place for those already attracted to this international network who might have otherwise only known each other by post. It also provided an opportunity to expose this culture to a new audience of people who stumbled upon it , read about it or heard about it who wouldn't otherwise have known about this music and culture. Visitors to Generator had the opportunity to listen to continuous sound events, preview the collection of artist made recordings, listen to live concerts and meet other people with similar interests. Many of the artists and much of the sound/noise/music passing through Generator was hard to classify as it tended to be produced by very creative and sometimes eccentric individuals from many different countries whose efforts often fell through the cracks of stereotypical music/art classifications.

The first incarnation of Generator existed for one year. It was open 6 days a week. The amount of concerts, sound events, exhibitions and happenings are too extensive to attempt to list at this time.