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Close your eyes and go to your happy place.

1-18-2010 So much for keeping up to date. Let's look back at 2009.

Best of 2009

1-1-2009 I may have to make it a resolution to update the website this year. In the meantime, here's what I liked in 2008.

1-23-08 Long time no update! I've got a lot of revamping I'd like to do with the Palace but for now let's take a look back at 2007 for our favorites in pop culture for the year.

Pop Culture Palace Favorites for 2007

5-28-07 So here's an interesting thing that happened this year. I put my writing skills to use entering an essay contest at Benefit Cosmetics.

Read the story that won me $150 worth of cosmetics.

1-9-07 Happy 2007! According to many horoscopes I've read this is supposed to be a terrific year for me. We'll see. In the meantime let's take a look back at 2006.

Best of 2006

9-30-06 Done! Almost anyway, Dreago still wants to write a political essay and I say - good luck with that. I added Laura Wilson's interview the other day but only linked it from the Tribe page. Oops! Also , I've now added the Con reports, pictures, and videos from Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Laura Wilson interview - Part 1

Laura Wilson interview - Part 2

Sunday Con reports

Monday & Tuesday Con reports

9-26-06 Saturday DragonCon reports are up. And with any luck tonight or tomorrow night I'll be able to get Laura's interview up.

Saturday Con Reports

9-24-06 One more interview down, one to go. Dreago is working on the transcript for Laura Wilson and her con reports but for now...

John Mullaney interview

9-23-06 Matt Robinson interview now available! Laura Wilson and John Mullaney still to come along with more con reports.

Matt Robinson interview Part 1

Matt Robinson interview Part 2

9-22-06 Woo-hoo! More Con reports!

Friday Con Reports

9-20-06 Caleb Ross interviews now up! Stay tuned for more interviews and Con reports.

Caleb Ross interview part 1

Caleb Ross interview part 2

9-17-06 There's lots more to come but for now here's what's new.

DragonCon Reports Part 1 - Pre-Con from KellyGirl and Dreago

Tom Hern interview part 1

Tom Hern interview part 2

9-11-06 Okay, so it's been 6 days since the return from DragonCon and things are coming along. I'm more than halfway done my report, the interviews and other film clips are nearly ready and well, the transcripts and pictures... still need to be worked on. But I promise that at least over the weekend, if not before, I'll start getting stuff up. Unfortunately, I've come down with Con crud so I'm doing a lot of sleeping and tea drinking and I know Dreago's probably overwhelmed with piled up work. But we'll do our best so please bear with us.

8-29-06 It's that time of year again kiddies! Yes, Dreago and I are running around like crazy getting ourselves ready for DragonCon 2006. The Fabulous Girls will, as usual, be back with Tribe cast interviews, con reports, and pictures of all the hubbub so be sure and check back.

6-27-06 So many people had asked me to make t-shirts for them that I've now gone ahead and opened some Cafe Press shops where you can purchase shirts and more! Check out the designs available on the Pretty Pretty Pictures page.

6-4-06 Some subtle changes have been happening here at the palace but nothing that required an announcement... until today. I've finally taken advantage of You Tube and made available the full video interviews of The Tribe cast members Danny James, Matt Robinson, and Tori Spence from DragonCon 2004. Just be sure to raise the volume on your computer - the audio level of the clips is kind of low.

1-1-06 Has so much time really passed? I guess so which means it's time to look back at KellyGirl's Pop Culture Picks of 2005.

10-12-05 Wheeeee! All reports, transcripts, audio, and video from DragonCon 2005 are now complete and available in either the Palace or the East Wing. All this work has left us yearning for a spa day. Fabulousity is hard, yo.

10-9-05 You can now download video of Last Picture Show (Matt and John's band) performing an acoustic version of the Firefly theme. And over in the East Wing, Dreago's Sunday Con report has been added.

10-03-05 More stuff from DragonCon 2005. The latest addition is the transcript of our interview with The Tribe's Matt Robinson along with his roommate/bandmate/Star Wars illustrator John Mullaney. At the top of each page is a link to download the mp3 of the audio for that portion of the interview so you could even load it on to your iPod and listen during your commute or just read along. Look for more Con reports from Dreago in the next couple days.

9-26-05 (Updated from 9/16/05) Zip on over to The East Wing of the Palace for DragonCon 2005. Thus far you can see: all pictures from DragonCon, KellyGirl's con reports, and Dreago's reports through Friday. Still to come: the rest of Dreago's reports, our interview with Matt Robinson and John Mullaney, and more!

9-10-05 DragonCon 2005 has come and gone! I've started by putting up pictures but there's more to look forward to - Con reports, the Fabulous Girls' interview with Matt Robinson (Slade on The Tribe) and his bandmate/roomie/Star Wars illustrator John Mullaney, and a video clip of the band's performance. Check back soon!For now, all the pics can be found in the East Wing of the Palace.

PS - I have a new logo! Pretty yes? Many thanks to Alex Jones for brainstorming and putting together the KPCP concept.

7-9-05 Yes, it's been a while - but oh, the treat I have in store makes it all worth it. To get everyone psyched for DragonCon 2005, I've put up some video clips of the Tribe interviews from 2004 in the East Wing.

5-3-05 Newly added is a little Q & A with author Eugenie Seifer Olson - see link on navigation bar. Also, I've added some new Atreyu icons - one for each band member except for Marc who gets two.

4-10-05 The links page has been updated, as has the Tribe schedule (sorry I'm late). Also new is a Veronica Mars page with pictures from last Friday's cast signing.

3-31-05 Last year at this time, my friend Eugenie released her highly amusing first novel Babe in Toyland. I'm excited to say that her next book is now available.


The Pajama Game - Moxie Brecker never thought she'd be peddling panties for a living. After all, she started her working life teaching middle school science and trying to get kids excited about the laws of matter and energy. But when faced with the pulsating prepubescent energy of her classroom, her get-up-and-go got totally lost. So she traded in her periodic table for the clearance table, taking the first job that came her way -- at the chain lingerie store in the mall.

Now she's living in a tired apartment building in what's left of Boston's old Combat Zone above a likeable but somewhat mysterious neighbor, and measuring cup sizes all day long. Just when Moxie is starting to fear that there's nothing more to life than hanging bras and protecting the thong table from a serial shoplifter, a ray of light appears at the register: a handsome, charming return customer named Allan. True, Allan's buying sexy chemises for someone -- but he's also not wearing a wedding ring, so maybe there's hope. And maybe, just maybe, Moxie's employee discount will finally start to come in handy ...

Think it sounds good but you're not sure? Read the first chapter on her website.

3-16-05 Last weekend, WAM showed the last episodes of The Tribe Series 5. *moment of silence* I have now updated the show discussions through, well, today. Links are on the main Tribe page.

3-7-05 Although I have been keeping up with posting The Tribe schedule (only one week of new episodes left *weeps*), I haven't really posted much else. Well now there's a new addition to the concert list which also leads to a new addition on the Atreyu page - Five Reasons Why Atreyu Rock. Yes, I really am that big of a dork. And I'm squeeing with delight that they will be on Headbanger's Ball next week premiering their new video.

1-5-05 Woo-hoo! Welcome to 2005! But before we move on, let's take a look back at what I think were Pop Culture's finest moments in 2004.

12-29-04 It's been a long time, but I've been up to some birthday and holiday partying. There's more to come soon but for now - 4, yes 4, new reviews. We've got Breaking Glass, A Hard Day's Night, Mantrap, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Enjoy! And have a great start to the new year!

11-25-04 Not only have I added a few new entries to the concert list, but I've now added a whole page devoted to my current favorite band - Atreyu. Mostly because, in a fit of excitement about getting to see them live, I made a set of icons representing every song on their The Curse cd. Sadly, though I tried to take pictures at the show, I was using my crappy old camera and mostly got pictures of people's heads. Come back boys! I'll make you cookies...

11-1-04 We finally have the final installment of Dreago's reports from DragonCon 2004 - Part Seven. I've also added the November and December WAM schedules for The Tribe.

9-26-04 More DragonCon 2004 reports from Dreago! Parts Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six. I'm gonna have to get on her case to finish - she's only finished Sunday.

9-17-04 New stuff from DragonCon 2004! We have our individual Q&A's with Danny James, Tori Spence, and Matt Robinson up now. Also new is Part One of Dreago's report. Look for more to come in the next week or so.

9-13-04 The reports and interviews from DragonCon 2004 are coming. Many hours of transcription have already taken place! Look for new stuff in the next couple days. In the meantime, I've added the October Tribe schedule and started reorganizing the Tribe and Links pages. Hopefully they're even prettier now.

8-5-04 I've updated the Tribe Schedule page to include September - including the marathon on Labor Day weekend which will conclude with the first two Season 5 episodes. The schedule looks a little weird (and by that I mean, they're showing new episodes at odd times) so I'll keep an eye out to see if anything changes.

7-19-04 When I sat down to watch the rockumentary Tribute, I thought it would be funny. Then I watched it and thought it was kind of sad. Then I wrote about it and realized that I'm a soft-hearted sap.

6-27-04 I've added a new page. The Concert List page is just that - a list of concerts/bands I've seen over the past 20 years. Good times.

6-21-04 So, yes, it's been a while again. But here's what's new.

- The big news is that I finally started putting up a schedule for when The Tribe airs on WAM!. Get ready for Season 5 in September. Yay!

- More icons have been added.

- On The Tribe page I added my winning caption (and the picture it's for) from round four of the official Tribeworld caption competition.

- And just a little comment from me - boy, do you Tribe fans love Dan Weekes! I can only say that, yes, he is a cutie. To say more would be bad and wrong as I already feel like a dirty old lady for ogling the likes of Caleb Ross, Nick Miller, and even Dwayne Cameron. But I seriously think I'm old enough to be Dan's mommy.

5-7-04 Well it looks like someone's been naughty and not updated the website for a while. In all fairness, there's been a lot of home improvement going on here at the Pop Culture Palace and by that I mean the 3-D one that I actually live in. And then there was a big party. But I'm back now with a couple new things.

- In an effort to clear off the Tivo, I finally watched 8 Mile. It made me feel very not-hip.

- I went icon crazy! A bunch of new ones are on the Icon page. I've got plenty of ideas for new ones, so stay tuned.

- Also, for all you US Tribe fans - in case you're living under a rock, look for Series 5 to start here in September!


3-28-04 This coming Tuesday March 30th, my lovely friend Eugenie's first novel is coming out. If you're at all a fan of the ChickLit genre or know someone who is, I urge you to check it out. One of my big complaints in ChickLit is that the British books are funny with quirky characters whereas in the American books these people really seem to have "issues." Trust me, this book is highly amusing - I know it's been edited since I read the manuscript but I doubt it would have become less so.

So here's the Amazon description:
A game that's fun for all ages!
Some assembly required. . . . . .

Step One: Open Box
Warning: Some Pieces May Have Sharp Edges

Former art student Toby Morris is twenty-five, and she knows she's supposed to be out there . . . somewhere . . . building a career by day and filling up her nights with an endless parade of men. Instead, she's working at Toyland, designing instruction sheets for one of the biggest toy companies around . . . and if she never sees hot pink doll hair, cardboard game spinners, or glow-in-the-dark mini race cars again, it'll be too soon.

Step Two: Insert Metal Tab (a) Into Plastic Base (b)

Toby is bored . . . what she needs is some excitement, some change in the emotional weather. And she gets it the day she tunes into the weekend TV news and gets a good look at cute meteorologist J.P. Cody. Suddenly, the clouds break, and Toby decides to make J.P. her very own action figure. Only trouble is, J.P. has no idea who Toby is. At least, not yet . . .

You can click on the book cover to go to the Amazon page.

3-17-04 Since it's been over 3 weeks since I updated, I figured I'd better make it worthwhile.

- New movie review for Laurel Canyon

- Added new Icons

- Cleaned up both the picture page and the DragonCon 2003 Report since previously I knew nothing about HTML and now I know almost nothing but it still makes a difference.

2-21-04 Round Four of the Panfandom Tribe Fic challenge. The Harsh Light of Day takes place during Season 4 and is about Patsy.

2-14-04 A new review - I've watched Crossroads twice now. Do you think I liked it?

2-6-04 Round Three of the Panfandom Tribe Fic challenge. Homecoming is about Salene in the time between episodes 3-52 and 4-2 when she took off.

1-30-04 A new movie review is up. Wanna hear what I had to say about The Banger Sisters?

1-19-04 I take back my earlier statement about leaving your correct email in my guestbook. Ashley, I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to email you and it keeps coming back as an error and I'm seriously ready to cry. Obviously there's something totally wrong with the way the guestbook takes email addresses. So... if you have a question or something you want me to reply to, just email me at

1-16-04 Well, Round Two of the PanFandom Tribe Fic challenge is here. Some Assembly Required takes place during Season 4 sometime between episodes 4-11 and 4-34. It's about Ved working on the Paradise program.

1-5-04 Haven't had enough of year-end top 10 lists? Well, you can check out my faves of 2003.

12-28-03 Over at the Tribe forums on Panfandom, a fanfic challenge is going on. Much to my own surprise, I wrote one. We had to pick a title from a list of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season One episode titles. I chose "The Pack" and wrote a just barely pre-Tribe story about the Demon Dogs and why they never really amounted to much in the Tribeworld. You can read it here.

12-9-03 Happy Birthday to me!!!

* Just a little note - I love it when people sign my guestbook but if you want me to write back please remember to use a valid email address.

11-26-03 I made some new icons and added them to the icon page. I'm quite tickled by my fandom one. Another new one is a tribute to my beloved Zodiac Mindwarp.

11-1-03 It's about time that I wrote a new movie review, huh? Good thing I went to the movies last weekend.

School of Rock

DragonCon 2003 and the North American Tribal Gathering were fan-tastic!

Read our interview with Beth Allen, Meryl Cassie, Tom Hern, Caleb Ross, and Michael Wesley-Smith of The Tribe!

*** If you'd like to download the video of the interview, you can do so here (and read along with the transcript to decipher what they're saying). Many thanks to BlackRose and Guy for making this available.

Read my report on DragonCon 2003

Read Dreago's report from DragonCon