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Dreago's DragonCon 2004 Report - Part Six

DragonCon Cabaret: A Review

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I know, I know, y'all want to know about Matt Robinson's performance. Shut the hell up about your clothes and your fears! Bring on the boys! Okay, here's the skinny on Matt's performance.


The Good: The music. His rendition of Numb was very nice. A bit predictable- taking a fast song and making it slow- but he has a smooth, honey-like voice that was well suited to the song's arrangement. He looks good behind the piano, although I can tell that being under the lights as a musician makes him more nervous than being on stage. But he covered with nice banter. When he performed his original pieces, the instrumentation was wonderful. The melodies were beautiful. And the songs seem to be sung from an honest place. That should count for a lot.

The Bad: His range. However, there is a chance that he just needed to warm up. After all, he did do a lot of talking all weekend long, he's a smoker and spending precious warm up time chatting with Jewel Staite and various celebs who performed with the Atlanta Radio Company is not the best way to prepare for a song, you know? Oh well, he's an actor first and that has been made clear in prior interviews. Also, some may consider this a "good" but not in my house: Matt's stage movements remind me of Scott Stapp of Creed. A bit too much swaying and soulful posturing behind the piano. He better watch this tendency because you don't want to be accused of ripping off the front man of a band many consider to be a swear word.

The Ugly: Oh Lord. The Lyrics. Calzephyr argues that one cannot be a musician and a lyricist. Well maybe that is where we are in today's current state of music, but all of Matt's stated influences (check out his band's website: The Last Picture Show) are masters of both the pen and the piano. Typical of what was sung was this: "Your breaking my back, I'm falling through the cracks." Oh, Lord. Shit don't have to rhyme you know. Ooh, will there be song about the Old Woman and her Shoe? Cause if we're breaking out nursery rhymes, I can totally sing along.

All in all, the performance was fair. The size of the crowd had dwindled extensively during the set, but that just made the songs seem more intimate. I do wish people had been less rude and not jumped up in the middle of a set, but what can you do? I'm sitting here critiquing his performance online, so that's pretty shitty of me too. Just like last year, the Tribe Kids insist on showcasing their music at a completely inapropriate venue. DragonCon is a place for horned fairies who sing cheesy pop lyrics like, "I hear the angels call my name" while writhing around to goth music and pretending to be deep and shit. It's not the place for earnest young people to test run their music. For a more favorable review, I suggest people go to Calzephyr. Also, Peter David's Blog mentions Matt's performance too. Actually, it mostly mentions how Matt acquired a groupie. So, I hope Matt improves because it's sad when your noted for your persona and not your music. i.e. Creed.