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Dreago's DragonCon 2004 Report - Part Two

Friday's Fandom Press Conference

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Friday was an exciting day at DragonCon as I got to act the part of Fabulous Girl correspondent for Kellygirl’s PopCulture Palace. What are the “Fabulous Girls” that I keep referring to? Last summer Kelly and I decided that we would embark on at least one summer project a year to keep us busy and entertained. Anything we created together would fall under the label of “Crafty Bitches.” However, anything we did that counted as media we would do under the label of “Fabulous Girls.” See? Why the name Fabulous Girls? Well, d’uh, we’re pretty damn fabulous. Next question please!

Sadly, this year I was not able to score a one-on-cast private interview like I did last year. Mostly because ScapeBabe was coordinating this year’s press conference and she knows my wiley ways. More likely cause the cast didn't have time to do seperate interviews. But I came prepared for all sorts of contingents. In my head I envisioned a crowd of fanreporters shouting questions and me competing with them by shouting at the top of my lungs.

I was not looking forward to it because I know that this isn’t the best way to get an interview. Plus, when I opened my file with all my cast research I realized that none of my questions were in the file! Horrors! I had pages upon pages of past interviews, pictures and news articles, but the document that I had prepared with my questions was gone. Most distressing was the fact that I had made a list of last year’s questions that I felt had not been answered as thoroughly as I would have liked. Luckily, Kellygirl was on hand via cell, and supplied me with the list. Just one of the ways she's the Kellygirliest! I’ve got a pretty good memory, so I was able to remember most of the questions I had wanted to ask as well.

Surprisingly, there was only a few other fangroups represented at the press conference. So of course, you know I dominated it. I felt sorry for the other groups because I was being a heinous bitch by hogging up time with all my questions and therefore shut up for a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised that ScapeBabe planned on giving the press some one on one interview time after all! Sure, we had to be in the same room, which mean that my recording equipment picked up everyone around us as well, but hey, when you’ve only got ten minutes to create a rapport and ask a jillion questions, worrying about how you sound (stupid and like a 12 yr. old) and how you look (bad posture but good hair) on camera is something that doesn’t occur to you until you are watching yourself on the Internet. D’oh!

I interviewed Tori first. She was warm and sincere. She has this way about her that makes you feel like you can completely relate to everything she says. I like how she said she often replayed conversations in her head at night. God knows I’ve kept myself up all night doing the same thing. Her body language was open and interested. However, I felt this interview could have been better. I wasn’t warmed up and our time was short. Sadly, Tori got the brunt of my awkward flow. However, I did pick up that Tori is a bit of a Cancer. She seems to be giggly, warm, and extroverted, but I suspect she has a quieter, moodier center. She’s actually a Taurus. However my ascendant sign is Taurus. See, obviously we are soulmates. [/fangirls] Kidding aside, it would have been nice to explore with her a bit more. I know you can’t really get to know anyone, especially someone whose job it is to make nice with the fans, but still, getting to know Tori better via a longer interview would have been a pleasure.

Danny hit me like a quiet storm. Does that sound cheesy or what? Having learned how long ten minutes feels like with Tori, I was much better prepared for this guy. I didn’t know much about Danny going into this interview. Kellygirl and I had researched his past interviews and that’s it. He surprised me by being zen. Nothing seemed to faze him. He wasn’t stoner-like. His energy was refreshing. Sitting with him feels nourishing. Damn. I never used to be this New Agey until I started social work school. And therapy. Anyways, Danny proved to be very thoughtful and intentional about his answers, something I really appreciate as an amateur journalist. Just wish he would have spoken up and not mumbled! I was so happy when the trak director gave me an extra ten minutes with him, for a total of twenty minutes. He seemed more relaxed and leaned back in his chair as he waxed upon such topics as religion, girls and karma. And Zoot Slash Fanfiction. I think I flove him.

Matt was last. Matt energy was entirely the opposite. His energy was aggressive, masculine and vibrant. While Danny’s energy sucked you in, Matt’s energy shot out at you. I could physically feel the force of his personality. Feel it running smack into mine. But more on what happens when two drama queens collide later. He’s articulate, very intelligent about his craft and charismatic. He’s James Marsters lite. I say “lite” because let’s all remember what happened last year when Dreago met Mr. Marsters himself and learned what charisma was really like. Right. Anyways, Matt’s charming and he knows it. Out of all the Tribe kids, Matt has the most ability to make it in Hollywood because he’s talented, knows just how to romance the fans and has an astounding amount of energy. He was the most consistently “on” cast member; it was amazing and admirable to watch. As an interviewer, he kept me on my toes. He’s an entertainer and naturally he wants to talk and talk. As a mouthy broad, I wanted to talk and talk with him too. I was dying to discuss his points, at one point I bit my tongue to stop myself from disagreeing with him. Man, I wish had more time with him.

Although my first choice would not be a fandom press conference (my first choice would be breakfast in bed. Can you imagine? It’d be a like a slumber party.) I am glad I got the experience. It really showed me where my strengths and weaknesses are as an interviewer. I hope to be even better next year. E! True Hollywood Story, here I come!