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2003/ dir-Richard Linklater/ Jack Black/ Mike White/ Joan Cusak, Sarah Silverman

I’ll say it right now – bring me Mike White, the writer of “School of Rock,” and I will kiss him. I’ve only seen two movies (in a theater) in the past few months and, let me tell you, I liked this better than “Pirates of the Caribbean” and that had a hot guy in it. If you were to watch a double feature of “School of Rock” and “High Fidelity,” you would have a nearly complete picture of what it means to be a music geek. Hmmm, perhaps it’s no coincidence that Jack Black is in both of those films.

Anyway, the big point is that I laughed – a lot. I think my favorite part, though it will forever haunt me, was the rant against irony. See, that’s something I feel very strongly about and consider an essential part of who I am. I’m tired of people pretending they only like something in an ironic way. If you like it – just like it. Maybe it’s my urban lifestyle but it seems to me that popular culture is positively anorexic when it comes to sincerity. Yes, I laughed at Jack Black throughout the movie. Yet it was his earnestness that ended up making it so heartwarming. And those kids, oh my god, they were just awesome. I want to be that little girl bass player when I grow up – she’s that cool.

I suppose I can give this movie no higher praise than to say that by the time the credits were rolling, I was thinking how I can’t wait for the dvd to come out. Maybe I should see it again in the meantime.