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Interview with the cast of The Tribe from DragonCon 2003

conducted by Andrea, Kelly, and Tina

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Participating are:

Beth Allen
Meryl Cassie
Tom Hern
Caleb Ross
Michael Wesley-Smith
Behind the scenes person here with cast

A: All right, okay well my name's Andrea.

K: I'm Kelly.

A: That's Tina. And we're representing actually a conglomeration of different fanclubs off the net. And in general, it would be the Undead Tribe which is for fans that are over 21 so you don't have to restrain yourselves or ...

K: So, no public face

A: I realize you have to do a little of it but you know, we're all grown-ups here um, so you know feel free to be honest. And we'll start off with the first question which is - what question are you most tired of answering?

(everyone talking at once)

TH: There's a lot of questions...

MC: Who's the best kisser?

BA: The whole Bray bit...I'm not too fond of that either.

A: Yeah, yeah - which question would you wish that people would ask you?

MWS: Stuff similar to what we answered at the Mature Q&A we did about 2 nights ago - it was really quite thought-provoking.
(noise of agreement) - just about things about the show and stuff like that.

A: Are you guys looking forward to the Tribe-themed panel later on?

CR & TH : Yeah , yeah, that should be cool.

K: So, um it's your first time here in the US, for many of you or all of you, what would you say would be the first thing you noticed being different in a good or bad way when you got here?

BA: People have guns (group laughter) at home cops don't have guns.. that was the first thing I noticed.

TH: Caleb and I have been to the States before.

CR: I just spent one day on Santa Monica beach, so I wouldn't really...

TH: I've been here a few times before so it's kind of like.. but I think it';s quite different here in Atlanta to where we';ve been in the past like I've only kind of been out to LA a couple of times for short periods. So Atlanta's definitely been a different culture from what we've seen of it. You know, we've kind of spent a lot of time in the hotel as I'm sure you guys have where you've been.

A: We're from Boston.

TH: Oh, cool!

CR: I've felt the heat here so..

TH: What's that like?

T: I'm from Cincinnati.

TH: (imitates Boston accent)Boston? I thought you guys was supposed to kind of...

A: Maybe her - but I'm from California originally
K: Well, I'm from Pennsylvania. (much laughing) we just moved there for school.

TH: What's it like as a city, Boston?

K: It's actually, it's a very sort of small town city'.

TH: Lots of big universities?

K: It's a very college-y town. Um, there's a lot of green moreso than in like cities like Philadelphia where I grew up.

TH: Cool, I'd like to go to Boston.

A: A lot of old architecture. That was really the big thing for me, coming from LA where everything's new.

MC & CR: Yeah.

A: And when you move there, it seems like everything is falling apart, but of course it's not.


A: So, you're here in the US and you're at DragonCon and you see how everyone's really into their own thing here. Is there someone you would consider dressing up in crazy costumes to see here?

TH: Um, I was hanging out for Luke Perry, man (laughing) and that brother was a no-show.

MC: Yeah yeah.

TH: And like we went to banquet dinner last night, I was thinking "oh yeeeeeah, 90210 baby" and he just didn't even turn up. Eh guys? (murmurs of agreement) I was gutted.

CR: I probably would've come to have seen Dark Angel if she'd been here. Jessica Alba?

A: Yeah, what is up with you guys obsession over Dark Angel?

TH: I feel his pain.

MWS: That's Caleb.

MC: Yeah, just Caleb.

TH: I'm kind of on a similar wavelength.

CR: Yeah, thanks.

A: Especially since it's such a ripoff of Buffy which is what we're really excited about.

K: That was our first fandom experience.

MWS (we think): So did you guys get to meet anybody?

A: James Marsters is here but I think he's charging for his appearances.

MC: You have to pay like $20 or something, eh? Like for his autograph or something?

TH: What about to just actually get a look at the guy? Like can you go in?

K: Yeah, we walked by when he was signing yesterday

A: Yeah

(Tom say something we can't figure out)

CR: How many people would pay for something like that?

K: He looked very orange, I have to say. (laughing)

TH: He's got like the terracotta pot syndrome with the foundation, eh? (laughing) That's a shocker there.

MC: Was he okay?

A: Was he okay? I just got a glimpse of him because the line was too long but you know maybe if I wear something revealing I'll be able to sit on his lap.

MC: (laughing) Yeah yeah.

A: That's the plan because $50 is a lot of money.

K: So what did you all think when you first read the script for The Tribe? What did you think of the show?

MWS: I was freaked out about the fact that we were on tv.

CR: I thought it was really crazy and really different. I really didn't know what to expect from the rest of the series from reading the first one.

TH: I wasn't there at the start. But I know with other scripts and it's hard to imagine how people like the art department or wardrobe are gonna put it all together. So it's pretty cool turning up on the first day of a shoot because you can read the script and imagine how things would go in your head but its like there's so many different departments so it must be pretty exciting.

BA: I don't know (something we can't figure out).But it was um, it was nothing like I'd ever read before. I didn't really have any idea but it was cool. I really loved it.

CR: I was really interested to see ho w they were going to do the shopping mall.

MWS: Yeah.

CR: That turned out cool so...

A: What would you tell... As a series 5 actor now, what would you go back and tell yourself as a series 1 actor?

TH: Great question

MWS: Possibly, um just I think we're all different and I was a bit younger um I still am loud but I was I think even louder uh, back when I was fourteen so I suppose just to be a bit more quiet on the set. That would be my main thing. I probably wouldn't have listened to myself.

CR: Probably just pay attention a little bit more on the set as well, and try to pick up more on the concurrent things earlier on.

MC: I still need to learn to kind of keep my giggles in sometimes because I can't hide them.

K: And I know I asked Caleb this last night, but what would you like to tell your character?

BA: Chill out! Sometimes I get a bit tired of Amber's preachy stuff.

MC: Same kind of thing really - calm down, chill out, you know. Be a bit more friendly I'd say. Fill others needs. (laughing)

BA: (therapy voice) Ebony, I want you to put yourself in other people's shoes.

K: But do you think, if any of you were stuck in the world of The Tribe- how would you fare?

TH: Oh, I would so cry. I would be so scared. I wouldn't be like one of those survivor types. I'd just be like (makes crybaby face).

MC: Aaaaah, Mummy!

MWS: I reckon I'd be real hard - I'd just be like "sweeeet" that's the way I'd survive.

TH: You'd be a tough bit.

MWS: Yeah, I'd be kind of emotionless (laughter) I'd walk down the street and everyone would shake in their boots 'cause I'm approaching. (laughing) Do you think I smell?

A: What has been, in your opinion, the most compelling storyline in the series?

TH: Definitely when the Technos came on. (groans from others)

CR: Well, I guess the most influential storyline throughout the whole series has been Zoot really, hasn't it? I guess that's what's really captured a lot of the fans as well, is him.

BA: For me, personally I find the fans are really into the Bray/Amber thing. Definitely that's what the seem to ask about the most in relation to my character. I don't know about the whole series, I haven';t really been there for the whole series.

A: Is it weird though I mean like the whole shippy vibe where everyone wants Bray and Amber to be together, it almost seems like Amber can't really be self-actualized unless it's through this man.

BA: (slaps table) Caught in a trap

CR: It's been three series people, get over it!

BA: I know! (others groan in agreement) I guess I mean, I was talking to a couple of fans last night and they were like "oh but you know you've got a baby" and blahblahblah so - I don't know, I think it's one of those things like Ross and Rachel or whatever or Aidan and Carrie, one of those things.

TH: Who's that?

MC: Sex and the City!

TH: Ah, so is that John Corbett?

MC: Yeah

TH: Oh, cool

MWS: (deep voice) That's the dude with the chicks.

MC: Mmm, I like him too.

TH: And Big?

BA: Yeah, Big's nice.

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