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When I tell people that one of my current obsessions is the tv show "The Tribe" I usually get a blank look. The Tribe is hugely popular in the rest of the world - particularly Germany for some reason - but is still kind of obscure here in the US. It airs on WAM! - I get a lot of blank looks on this too but it's often part of a digital cable package.

Here's what I tell people about The Tribe. It's a post-apocalyptic teen soap opera. No really. The show is made in New Zealand but the setting is never specified; it's just called "the city." The premise is that all the adults have been wiped out by a virus and the kids have banded together into tribes to try to survive.

One the one hand is the element of silliness. Everyone has kooky clothes, hair, and makeup. Never mind the lack of electricity or food shortages, there's a plethora of hair dye. And because it is in part a soap, there's plenty of stuff like "I'm in love with two guys" or "he's cheating on his girlfriend" or " she made everyone believe I was dead so she could steal my boyfriend." Uh, yeah. But there's bigger issues of survival and building a new society. The characters and story arcs are really compelling. The official website is fantastic and has lots of information including episode summaries. Be warned! Because we in the US are almost a year behind the rest of the world, the site can be quite spoilery.

Adding to the element of cheeze, is the fact that cast members have recorded a cd of pop music based on the show. There are music videos too. And they've toured Europe doing performances and making appearances in costume. I'm not too proud to say I love the cd in all it's cheezy glory.

My winning entry in one round of Tribeworld's caption competition.

Lex remembered the days when nursing a bottle meant something entirely different.

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The Matt Robinson/John Mullaney interview transcript is now up! As is the audio from the interview which can be downloaded as four mp3s - the link is at the top of each page of the interview.

You can now download video of Matt and John's band Last Picture Show performing a special song.

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My Tribe FanFic. Based on a challenge at PanFandom to write Tribe stories using episode titles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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We (dreago and myself) started a thread to discuss The Tribe over at TelevisionWithoutPity. We're a smart and sassy bunch. I've archived the discussion here - check it out.

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