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My first online home - Television Without Pity

Best thing on the web - EVER! Strindberg and Helium.

Second best thing on the web - The Egg Song!


Looking Good - a fashion/beauty/etc discussion board

The Tribe

Tribeworld - the official Tribe site

Tribal Digest - the ultimate episode guides


Tribe Red Dragon - active group of US Tribe fans

The Undead Tribe - for Tribe fans over 21

Beartribe - a journal of original characters set in a tribe in the United States

Beartribe - same content as above in a blog format


The Goddess Dancing - my first dance teachers

Johara - my current teacher

Za-beth - another past teacher - full of useful dance information

Movements page - a great resource for middle eastern dance moves


The Ol' Bait Shop

Inner Geekdom

Pete Fijalkowski


WMBR - my favorite radio station

Trouser Press - the magazine that made me punk

SleazeGrinder - where rocking is a lifestyle

Descendents - all-time fave band

Atreyu - current fave band

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - somebody had to like them, it just happened to be me

Fat Wreck Chords - awesome record label

Books and Authors

Jonathan Carroll


Eugenie Seifer Olson

Neil Gaiman