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DragonCon 2006 Interview with Laura Wilson - May on The Tribe - Part Two

– Laura Wilson
- Dreago
- KellyGirl

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D: All right, all right. Now, sometimes it felt like May was a lighter version of ebony, in that she is scheming---

L: ----Yeah

D:----- She doesn't get along with people sometimes, but what struck me is that May uses sex the way Ebony uses sex- as a tool. Ebony uses it to manipulate people, to humiliate people. May used it to survive. And yet from an audience point of view, from a fanbase point of view, May gets the stigma for using sex to live, basically, while Ebony gets this mystique "oh she's so cool, she's a man-eater.."

L: Yeah.

D: What's that about?

L: Umm, that's just what the characters are about. The main thing about May was that she was a survivor and she would do anything just to survive and as you can see she did a whole lot of things just to survive and try and get, you know, the best possible environment for her.

D: So why didn't May get this mystique, why did Ebony?

L: I'm not sure! I think that- I mean, Ebony was a very, very strong character right from the start to finish you know like, it was very- there was no grey area about her character. This was Ebony. Whereas with May, there was a whole lot more grey area about it. So to me that was it. You know, Ebony was always this kick-ass chick, that's what made it cool. Whereas you know, like May was a bitch and then she was really weak. So, I’m not sure- maybe…

D: Desperate.

L: Yeah. Well at times - especially with Pride. Very desperate. Let's not go there!

K: Do you think that the relationship with Salene - although it never really went there - do you think that was appropriate for her and who she was?

L: Umm, I think so yeah. I think so definitely. (beat) Yeah I think, like I said before that May was the kind of girl who would do anything for the best thing for her but she was also very vulnerable so I think that you know, she got that close to Salene and she was like "oh, maybe this is a window to my happiness - maybe I can get happiness through here" and wanted to experiment with something like that. Salene, however, wasn’t interested. But I think the main thing about May, is that as much as she was this strong… this strong independent woman, she was so needy in love at the same time.
She was always desperate for love.

K: It was really hard for me to watch--

L:--Oh really?

K: May with Pride

L: Oh why was that? Did you have a thing for Pride?

K: No! I just… because recognized that sort of like, "Love me?!?!??"

L: Oh yeah, yeah!

D: Yeah, It is hard to see that-

L: --Everyone recognizes that, everyone has been through something like that…

D: That insecurity …

L: Yeah! It is, it is!

K: I empathize too much with tv characters.

L: Hey, that's what - that's what they're there for!

K: How did you – uh, we have a couple minutes left. After you came from playing like a tough role, tough scenes, what did you do to get out of it, get out of that mindset?

L: To be honest with you, I was pretty much just so knackered all the time. We were doing such long hours that I'd just go home and go to sleep or go home and sort out my scenes for the next day. On the shoots there was such high turn over that we all worked so hard there wasn’t really much time after to do much but go home and have a cup of tea and go to sleep…maybe the occasional glass of wine.

K: Well thank you very much

D: Thank you!

L: No problem.