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DragonCon 2006 Interview with Laura Wilson - May on The Tribe - Part One

– Laura Wilson
- Dreago
- KellyGirl

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K: There's actually very little info about you on the Internet. Even on the TribeWorld website, where they are interview happy, there is almost nothing. Are you uncomfortable with that aspect of being an Actor?

L: Um, yeah! Sometimes I am, yeah. I'm not the kind -I'm the kind of actor that just goes in and wants to do the work and be proud of my work, that kind of thing. I'm not so big on the whole publicity side of things which is why I've never done anything like this before. Yeah, I don't often do interviews or things like that but I’m beginning to embrace that a little bit more now - that’s why I’m here.

D: That's what we were going to ask you. Is it weird to appear here?

L: It is a little bit weird. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Like I said before I've never even been to anything like this before. And this is all a bit strange but fun and exciting at the same time. Matt and I flew over here together and he filled me in on everything on the way over here so yeah-

D: Good, good!

L - I’m really excited to be here.

D: Are you excited to see anyone in particular, an event that you would like to do, just for your own self?

L: Ummm, I haven't really looked into it all that much to be honest with you. I'm just kind of followin' these guys and seeing what's going on so it's all new….

D: ok.

K: And is it strange for you- because the show was… years ago- that you finished filming, how much do you even remember?

L: Can I be honest with you-


L: Just a little bit. But yeah, it was about 3-4 years ago that we stopped finishing-stopped, sorry, filming the fifth series. So, it was a long time ago. Gradually, you know, I'm remembering things. But I'm sure I'm going to get asked questions about stuff that I don't even remember? Because, there was a good four years of worth of stuff- it's going to be interesting.

D: Just make it up, make it up…

L: Yeah, yeah exactly, Matt’s been teaching me how to blaggart so…(laughs)

D: Yes, He's very good at that.

K: He is a good bullshitter.

D: Yes, speaking as the people who have transcibed what he has said to us for three years now, because we interview him every year, he does go on-

L: Hee hee!

D:-and so we would like you to go on about when you started- you started on season 2 of Tribe-

L: Yeah

D:- and then you ended it, so what kind of advice could you or would you go back and tell yourself as a beginning actor on the Tribe, knowing all you know now?

L: Oh my goodness- I think I'd have a whole lot to say to myself. Like, when I very first went into Tribe 2, I'd never done any acting or anything before and I really didn't know what I was doing and I think it was quite apparent from the episodes but ummm, I really wouldn't know where to start. But I think the first thing would be to tell myself to, you know, take everything very seriously and learn as much as I can from, from the others around you because I think I was a little bit daunted at first so yeah, ummm, I've definitely learned soo much since then.

D & K: All right!

L: That's it. Is that ok?

D& K: Yeah!

L: Because you're looking at me like "hmmmm"

K: (gesturing at Dreago) I'm looking at her like, "and your question?"


D: The next question is, is there a character or a role you would refuse to take?

L: Umm… No, no there isn't at all. I've done so many different kinds of characters over the years. Obviously you’ve kind of only seen Tribe or maybe Atlantis High but I've done so many gritty things since then. And everything - I just see it as a challenge. You know? Which is great and that’s what actors are always after you know, you expect challenges. So yeah, I think the worst possible role would probably be the best for me and the one I would find most interesting.

D: Well, we ask because for example, if you are a method actor you really have to pull things from a really dark place and some people might not be so comfortable facing the dark side of themselves or going to dark places.

L -----Yeah, but that is what acting is all about, you know? If you really want to be a good actor you’ve got to go to those places, absolutely. Because--well I mean, there is obviously a lot of-of actors that just coast a long and do whatever. Yeah.

D: Ok.

K: Well what about May, was she a difficult character? I mean, what do you see as her strengths and weaknesses?

L: Ehh, I think her strength is definitely her independence um, and her weakness was her vuln- sorry, (sounding it out) vul-ner-a-bil-it-y- (sings) La, la, la, la! Um, when it comes to ah, romance, you know. It was hard for me, umm, with the whole Pride storyline - when you know, he didn’t want to be with her - just to portray that vulnerability because she was always just a strong independent woman. But it was great at the same time because it was a challenge. And the same with Salene as well - I thought she really really went to some pretty low levels but…

K: Now, as a viewer, she seemed a bit all over the place. Because she was really independent and then she also was really vulnerable. So did you find it inconsistent?

L: Absolutely! Absolutely! I did! Which is another thing that I found it hard for me as well. Because the writers would just keep on writing and like, there was a stage where every episode she was like completely different person-

D: Yes- Oh My God, Yes!

L: And I was like, yeah! Absolutely. And that was really hard for me as well, because I was kind of saying – okay, I realize that people change and they go through experiences and come out the other side different people but this is ridiculous! You know what I mean? So, it just got to the point where, I mean, the same with all of us, we just had to go in and do whatever the director wanted on the day and that’s kind of all there is to it. So, yeah definitely very inconsistent.

D: Absolutely, We were- With your character, it was like, one episode I want to slap you, the other episode I want to hug you--

L: Yeah?

D: (laughing) and yet supposedly no time has passed? (laughing)

L: Yeah, I know, I know

D:Yeah, so that was really hard.

L: But I mean, to begin with I never actually had like a character breakdown of her. Because it was very-uh- very last minute me even starting the show.

D: Oh really?

L Yeah ,yeah, yeah. And to begin with I was only meant to be in for the one or two episodes and that was it. So, I just kind of went in there and did whatever- and then they said "well we want to bring you back on full-time"

D: --You must have impressed them!

L: Yeah, I don't know how! But it’s okay anyway! But uh, yeah, so there was never any clear-cut – okay, this is who May is - so that's why I think everyone was confused you know like - me, directors, producers, everyone, so… Yeah, it was interesting.

D: Is there something you would have liked May to have done to make her more in character?

L: Ummm, I think, the whole, um, with the Chosen. You know like I felt she just went really weak. And all that sucking up kind of stuff, it was totally not her at all. So, umm I would have preferred May to be a bit more… you know, like have a bit more going on behind the scenes if you know what I mean. Like actually have it apparent that, that--

D: --It was all a ruse.

L: - Yeah, rather than it being what it was.