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DragonCon 2006 Interview with John Mullaney - Illustrator & Last Picture Show band

C – John Mullaney
D – Dreago
K – KellyGirl

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D – Hi! How are you?

K – Hey!

J – We meet again. How are you? Nice to see you!

(Other greeting which are just repetitive)

K – We’re just shooting the shit with you.

D – Yes.

J – Shoot the shit .

D – You’re not part of Tribe. We don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t, you know, promote yourself on the internet.

J – I do promote myself on the internet!

D – Do you?

J – Yeah.

K – You don’t have the same crazy-ass fans that Tribe…

J – Well, I don’t have a bulletin board yet but that’s one thing I’m working on.

D – Yes, message boards do bring the crazy.

J – Yeah, you can say that again. Yeah, so I don’t know… I’ve got a website. But yeah, it’s a slow process – I’ve got a lot going on.

D – And why don’t you tell the internet what your website is.

J – My internet address is all the w’s, dot, the top draw – that’s D-R-A-W – dot com.

D – Awww, okay.

J – So you can see lots of boring stuff like all the houses I do for property developers but more interestingly there’s all my sort of sci-fi artwork on there.

K – Cool.

J – But I need to get some new ones I’ve just finished on there as well.

D – Will you be selling your stuff here?

J – Yeah, I’ve got umm, prints for sale. I’ve got prints of uh, the Terminator – the robot. And the drop ship from Aliens – which is done as cross-section artwork. They’re both for sale or you can order prints and you can buy the little Terminators and the little Jengo Fetts. So there you go that’s my store. Go check it out – art show.

D – Well you seem much more relaxed and outgoing right now than the first time around.

J – Well you scared me last time. You said that we’re going to ask you some really nasty questions and I was bracing myself for some right filth. I don’t know.

D – Well what is the filthy questions we should be asking you?

J – Pffft. I don’t know. We can just turn around and come out of this cul-de-sac if you want. Or you can properly get stuck here – it’s up to you. You’re the interviewer.


D – All right. So are you still living with Matt?

J – I’m just about to move out actually.

D & K – Really?

J – The divorce has come through.

D – What happened?

J – Umm, what happened is I’ve bought a house with my girlfriend.

K – Cool.

D – Oh, congratulations!

J – Thank you. Yeah so…

K – I love owning property.

J – I’m looking forward to it too. Yeah it’s… you get a little bit obsessed with it when you hit a certain age. You start watching all the tv shows about it.

K – Yeah, I’ve painted about everything I could possibly paint in my house.

J – Really?

D – Yes, yes I’ve helped her.

J – Brilliant. Well you see that’s just it – you can’t do this when you rent, can you?

K – Right.

J – You just got to respect everything. You can’t really put your personal touch on it so…

K – And it must be great for you being a creative, artistic type. You must have lots of ideas.

J – Oh yeah, yeah. Because we’ve got… there’s a basement so I’m going to have a music studio down there which I’m very excited about. And then upstairs - it’s like a four-story house – so you’ve got the ground floor and all the bedrooms on the first floor. Then we’ve got the second floor, the attic room, it’s this big space with lots of stripped floorboards and dormer windows and skylights. And there’s loads of light there so it’ll be perfect for my studio. So I’ll have some space because I’ve been working in a rabbit hutch for the past seven years, you know, I’m in Matt’s house and it’s just like the third small bedroom. But there’s just enough room to swing a kitten, you know, it’s tiny. So it’ll be nice to just have some space.

D – Wait, did you just say swing a kit?

J – Kitten. Can you see what I did there?

D – I don’t want there to be a problem later when we’re transcribing it.

J – Yeah, I wanna… now can I pick you up on this?

D – Yes, please.

J - Because on the… on the transcript last year on no less than four occasions I come off… It says John, blah blah blah, open brackets, unintelligible.

D – Yes, you are unintelligible.

J – Am I being unintelligible now?

D – No.

K – Well Matt says you’ve been working on the elocution.

J – Okay, I know I’m guilty of mumbling so you’ve got to say – what the hell did you just say?

K – Well, see the problem is that we can often hear it but the recording… it makes it a little harder.

J – Ahhh. But Matt never came across as unintelligible I notice.

K – He… well a lot of times we had to play it and play it and play it over and over again. We’re like – well, that word doesn’t make sense.

J – All right well anyway, you got me I mumbled on four occasions. So I’ll try not to do it again – I’m articulating clearly today.

The tape ran out at this point. In the few minutes we had left John also talked about the panels he was going to be on for his illustration work. He also responded to Dreago’s question regarding how serious he was about moving forward with his music by saying that he felt serious enough that they wanted to get management and fill out the band so it wouldn’t be just him and Matt and they could do proper gigs.