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DragonCon 2006 Interview with Matt Robinson - Slade on The Tribe - Part Two

M - Matt Robinson
D – Dreago
K – KellyGirl

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D – Good. All right, so you, Tom, and Caleb are the three guys who are here from Tribe. And in a group of three friends there’s always the pretty one, the smart one, and the ho. So please assign the roles.

M – Okay, well that would definitely be… I think Caleb would definitely be the ho.

D – Okay.

K – Really?

M – No doubt about that.

K – I’m shocked.

M – Yeah, don’t believe the shyness or… yeah, absolute ho. I probably…well, Tom is… he is pretty. I mean, I’d like to think I’m kind of pretty but he’s more… he’s got, I think he’s got the edge. He’s got… there’s more of a pretty… I’d say he’s prettier than me. So I’d go for smart. Smart’s good ‘cause I’d like to have lots of money and you know, collect for the future. I’d always prefer rugged rather than pretty.

D – Okay, so write that down because when Caleb comes around we’ll tell him Matt thinks he’s a slut.

K – Okay, well I just got the wrap-up sign so… put us on the spot – what do you want to ask us?

M – Okay, all right, so… all right so you’ve got four of us, four guys here this year – John who’s not from The Tribe but obviously, you know, massive massive kind of popular figure there - me, John, Caleb, Tom. Who would you… who would you out of the four, who would you want to marry, who would you want to have a relationship with, who would you want to shag, and who would you throw off a cliff?

D – Does it have to be throwing off a cliff? It seems so extreme!

M – Or gently nudging. You could just gently nudge. Nudge off a cliff.

D – Huh, okay.

M – God, I’m amazed I thought that up so quickly actually.

K – It’s very good.

M – It’s just that opportunity of getting some payback.

K – I think I’m gonna…I’m gonna… be off the top of my head. Umm, Caleb, even though you say he’s a ho, quiet guy – I’m independent so I’d marry him. I’d get to have my own life. John would be a great relationship because he seems very polite and I like guys who show up when they say they’re gonna show up.

(Everybody laughing at me)

K - And… ummm, I’ll shag you. And Tom I would nudge off a cliff because I think he would be really funny. I think he’s good with the physical humor and I think he’d make it funny.

M – So you’d have a comedy fall? And probably then come back from the dead.

K – Yes! Exactly.

M – Good answer! I like it.

D – Oh, I don’t want to kill anyone.

M – Well, oh you could have two people doing…

D – Okay, okay well if I’m going to have two people at the same time, we might as well shag two people at the same time rather than marry or relationship.

M – Yeah because bigamy is just… you know…

D – Yes, that’s no good. All right. Well, I think I might answer really similarly to Kelly because I don’t like to be told what to do so Caleb seems like a nice kind of quiet guy so I don’t think he’d be bossing me around so I would consent to marriage for that. For a relationship… actually for a relationship I might choose… I might actually choose Tom because he’s funny and you’d have a good time and if you’re going to be with someone for a while you wanna have a good time. And for a shag, it would be you and John…

M – A Last Picture Show bonanza.

D – I think with the bond… yes, the bond between you and John would bring a nice kind of frisson to the whole thing.

M – Beautiful.

K – All right, you gotta go.

M – Guys, it’s been really good.

K – Thank you so much.

D – Thank you.