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DragonCon 2006 Interview with Matt Robinson - Slade on The Tribe - Part One

M - Matt Robinson
D – Dreago
K – KellyGirl

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D – All right, so how’s your sex life?

M – Brilliant!

(Everybody laughs)

K – We’re just trying to put you on the spot because you asked me that last year and I was like “Ahhhhh…”

M – Payback! Payback is it?

D – And I believe the words you used were “how’s our confidence?” and we didn’t know what the hell you were talking about - we were like “we have better posture… what’s he saying…”

*Note – The conversation we’re referring to was about Dreago and KellyGirl bellydancing.

D – Yeah so, but that’s not the real question.

M – Oh is not? Because I could go on for fifteen minutes about that.

D – Well, if you feel like bragging to the internet… there you go.

M – Well, I think we could all share our…

D – We could all share yes… but we won’t.

M - … our stories.

D – Yes.

K – But instead we will say, that since the pressure’s kind of off you this year since you’re not the only person, umm, do you have any big plans for what you want to do… get together with Tom and Caleb?

M – It’s just… it’s just so nice having the guys here. You know, I haven’t seen them for like I think three years was the last time. And uh, it is kind of quite nice to not be the only person from Tribe especially because I don’t know a great deal about it, do you know what I mean? Having just done one season, like last year was kind of like… you really felt that kind of expectation. Whereas this year it’s just… I don’t know, it’s a lot easier. It’s a lot easier and you know, just do the two gigs with the band. We’ve got the album finally finished. It’s kind of more about that this year. And then, you know be involved in the Tribe stuff. But really, do you know what I mean? Take a bit… take a bit more of a backseat.

D – Two gigs?

M – Two gigs. We’ve got one on the concourse tomorrow, which is the main one. And then we’ve got one on Sunday which is a Storytellers kind of gig. So, playing a few songs but then talking about how we wrote them and stuff like that.

D – Is that ummm, the jam that’s on the schedule?

M – Yeah yeah. Which is not, kind of… because it sounds like it’s just going to be a jam just with everyone doing stuff but we kind of… We thought that doing a Storytellers one and just giving a few little anecdotes behind the songs and stuff like that. Unless everyone brings their own instruments and just goes…

D – We might actually show up now.

M – Yeah? Were you thinking…

K – We have our zills.

(Everybody laughing)

M – Did you think it was going to be a horrible kind of…

D – Umm, no we just didn’t know what that meant – jam. So we thought like… oh random people with instruments come and join.

M – No! Which could be horrible.

D – Yes!

K –The word jam strikes fear into my heart.

M – Yeah, unless it’s Pearl Jam.

D – Yes.

M – Who are amazing and who I missed play. They played the Reading Festival on Sunday. And I live, literally, I live across the road from the festival. And it was my last day of my tour and I couldn’t make it. Apparently they were amazing so…

D – I really want to see them in concert.

M – Yeah, apparently they were amazing and played like all the old hits – Jeremy and…

D – Ohhhhh.

M – Yeah. And Eddie Vedder joked with the audience. He was laughing and joking and… so yeah.

D – Rub it in.

M – Yeah. Well I couldn’t go! Laura went though, damn her. So I grilled her about it on the flight. But umm… yeah, it not… it’s not one of those horrible jam sessions. It is just a few songs and talking about kind of why we wrote them and just giving a few anecdotes about them.

D – All right. So maybe we’ll go to that instead of…

M – And it’ll probably be nicer than the concourse.

D – … the history of the tattoo, which we were going to do instead.

M – You were going to jilt us for the history of the tattoo?

D – Yes, or possibly the self-hypnosis for healing.

K – Yeah, I think that’s… it was the self-hypnosis thing.
M – So you were practically going to be sleeping instead?

D – Yes, exactly.

M – You guys are the best! You know and I thought you liked us.

D – Ummm, we did.

M – Towards the end last year I thought maybe a little bit.

D – Well, we have to keep it professional.

M – Exactly. But… so it won’t be a horrible student kind of 2am…

K – Drunken... bongs….

M – Piss-drunk and playing the bongos for like ten hours.

D – People you don’t know come in and join.

M – Yeah yeah and they get naked. I don’t know, it could happen.

D – Well that’s what drum circle’s usually all about.

M – Yes.


Part 1 cont'd

D – Well then, now that you are a con veteran - you are actually teaching a workshop. Tell us about the acting workshop.

M – Well, basically it was… instead of doing another Q&A this year, I just thought well, everyone knows so much about me anyway and, you know, although there’s new people coming this year, so many people have already heard all the anecdotes and stories, it’s just a bit boring after a while, do you know what I mean? You know for all the people who’ve been to this thing a few times. And I just thought well, instead of doing that I could do a workshop for an hour and just, you know, for say about 25 people. You know, the first, kind of, 25 who sign up. And just do some… a few techniques, a few tips and just kind of focus on… initially I was thinking of doing Shakespeare as a main thing for it since that’s kind of one of my passions. But I was lying in bed last night thinking about it and actually it might be more fun just to kind of have no format and just see what people want to do. And you know, and just some of the tips and some of the games and confidence builders, the improv. I mean, an hour – you can’t really do much in an hour.

K – Have you taught like an acting workshop before?

M – Yeah, I did. Yeah, I kind of… back in England, quite a lot do workshops and stuff like that. And it’s really cool. Some of them are just amazing because you get people who come in and wanna maybe go into acting but don’t have the confidence to do it. And after just a workshop even for an hour you can kind of get people loosened up enough to just walk out the room thinking “actually yeah, that wasn’t too bad” so… Yeah, I kind of want to do that for about an hour and just have a closed room, have no one filming it, have none of the cast there so no one’s feeling inhibited and yeah, just…

D – Except for you of course.

M – Yeah, except for me but … yeah, I don’t think they’d be… I don’t think anyone’s intimidated by me anymore. Or they probably weren’t from the beginning. But you know, yeah but and just do an improv. There’s some really good physical kind of stuff I want to do, some vocal kinds of exercises and you know, just some ideas I had that I really kind of I feel quite passionate about and want to share from the people who taught me and inspired me about acting. And I just thought that would be kind of… I don’t know, I thought that would just be more useful than just…

D – No, it is. It’s really cool.

M - …telling some stories that I’ve told for three years running. Because you do, you know, you don’t want to repeat yourself kind of thing actually, it should be a bit more than that so…

D – Yeah, we agree. We know all about that because we wrote your questions last last night because we were just like, well shit, we’ve interviewed him how many times now? Three times…

M – Yeah, still here – unscathed.

D – Yeah, plus I was a mod last year, I was on staff last year and the year before so it was just kind of like what else do we do now, what… where do we go with that?

M – We go back to your first question.

D – Yes. Well, we’re uh… we’re going to get there because we thought what we could do this time around is that you could ask us some questions and then somehow…

M – Oh, okay.

K – We’ve spent so much time putting you on the spot.

M – Yeah yeah yeah. Payback!

K - So start thinking now because at the end you get to payback.

M – Oh all right – at the end of this session?

K – At the end of this session.

M – Oh, all right. Okay.

K – So uh, are you glad you’re not performing at the Masquerade this year?

M – Fucking hell yeah! That was the most… I don’t think John and I had ever been so scared last year. On the Saturday when we were in our room and uh, neither of us spoke to each other and it was as if we were going to like a funeral. Do you know what I mean? And like even…

D – Kelly and I felt like we were going to a funeral. We were like this (mimes gripping the seat) in our chairs.

M – Ah yeah? And it was that kind of moment of just… even the people who had heard us at the concourse you know, who gave us really cool feedback… you know, everybody was like “errr, yeah but it’s not really the kind of music that people here like.” You know and I’m thinking – it’s not really gothic, it’s not metal-y, it’s kind of… ugh, we could just die a death. And honestly, we went for a swim and a sauna before and I think if we could’ve just, you know, like faked an accident… I mean, we would’ve. And the most nerve-wracking thing…

D – Is that why guys were really drunk?

M – Yeah, that’s right. That’s why we got pissed. And we just normally kind of had maybe one beer and then we were just kind of like…because we had so long to wait. It just went on and on and everytime we thought we were going to go onstage, on would come another costume and on would come another thing. And so suddenly we realize we’ve drunk about 5 or 6 beers and you go… and we went onstage and they had that fucking cartoon playing…

D – Which is extremely popular.

M – Extremely popular. We knew nothing about it. And you’re suddenly sitting there and we got booed before we even played a note.

D – I know, it’s horrible.

M - Do you know what I mean? When they turned it off I just remember sitting there thinking “Oh fuck, turn it back on. Turn it… somebody turn it back on.” It’s just like… you know cruelty to animals. But… and it went all right. And I don’t think… you know, I don’t think it was quite you know Oasis at Knebworth or the Rolling Stones but uh… but it went… we kind of left the stage and thought, you know, we didn’t get pulled off by a Stormtrooper which would’ve been quite painful and ummm…

D – But memorable. A story to tell the grandkids.

M – Yeah, and I’ve still got a picture looking out there at 4 thousand people watching us. And think, it was our first and only gig of last year and to suddenly play for that many people and actually all the Tribe fans were so vocal and made so much noise that we actually… I don’t know, we kind of really enjoyed it. It was over so quick though, three or four songs and that was it but… Yeah uh, it was memorable but it’s kind of nice to not have the pressure like last year – just play the concourse which is much more intimate. And you know, the main thing this year is we’ve got the album to sell and we’ve got the song which are so much more… you know, yeah, they’ve just got more weight to them. So yeah, it kind of feels more relaxed.

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