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DragonCon 2006 Interview with Caleb Ross - Lex on The Tribe - Part Two

C – Caleb Ross
D – Dreago
K – KellyGirl

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D – What are you doing around the world of music because you know, Tom has I think a single or something that he dropped on the internet and Matt and John are doing the LPS [Last Picture Show] thing. What are you doing?

C – I’ve been working on music still. I say this every year and umm… and I’ve still never released anything. And the thing I’ve come to realize quite recently umm, is that I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my music and I’m really critical. And I always finish something and go nobody’s gonna want to hear that. So I’m probably never going to do anything with it. And I’ve come to realize that it’s a stupid way to be because if I carry on like that nothing’s ever going to get out there.

D – Well look, if Kevin Federline is putting out an album I don’t see why you can’t.

C – No. So I think… over the past couple of months I’ve been thinking that what I might do is just get over that and just… put a website up and just start putting my music out there for people to grab. And it’s a shame that I didn’t know about the music stuff that was getting done and released here earlier in the piece or I might’ve taken advantage of that as well. So maybe next year, if the legs carry on for another DragonCon and I come back here that might be a go.

D – Yeah, well…I don’t know that… I mean, Kelly and I, we don’t know that DragonCon is the best place to really showcase yourself musically because the music here is so different…

C – It is totally different yeah. I mean, the stuff here, from what I’ve seen, is more heavy and gothic oriented and stuff like that. Whereas Matt’s, I mean Tom’s into his hip-hop and stuff which is cool But Matt and myself are a lot more relaxed. You know he’s kind of mellow rock, U2-ish type stuff. And I’m quite acoustic, I think. So it’s very different from the whole scene that goes on here. But the fact of the matter is that for people outside of America to release music in America is damn near impossible, you know? Especially if you haven’t got a big label pushing behind you and you’re not well known overseas for music already. It’s not going to happen. So umm, unless somebody’s got a better option…

D – It’s all about connections. I mean, my husband has a tv show where he showcases new artists and he’ll go scour the city and yet he might find a really talented artist because someone knows someone who can connect him directly instead of doing it more randomly which is going to different clubs and different shows. So…

C – So maybe you should be hooking us up?

D – That’s right. Well maybe you should be extra nice to me.

C – I can do that. (chuckles) Well, I mean… yeah, that kind of this is what you need. But it is tough.

D – Is there a musical scene that you can plug yourself into?

C – I’ve no idea actually. I haven’t even investigated.

K – Well, actually… umm, Canada has like rules about a certain percentage of the artists played on the radio or on their music video channel have to be Canadian.

C – Right.

K – Yeah, so they really promote their own.

C – So I’ve got to marry a Canadian?

K – Sure. Or I figure, you’re living in Canada – that counts.

C – It might. We’ll see. I’ll definitely investigate when I get there as well. But in the meantime, for people like us, this is really the only avenue we’ve got for releasing music apart from doing it on our own. But to actually get it out there for people who are going to want to buy it – there’s nowhere else for us to do it right now. We can’t compete with big American artists, we just can’t do it, so…

Part 2 cont'd

K – Well, as an actor or just as a movie viewer, what is one thing that’s going to grab your attention even if it’s a total cliché?

C – Total cliché?

K – Or it may be something different but… things are clichés for a reason.

C – You mean as far as watching a movie?

K – A plot or a character that you see and you’re always like ‘oh yeah.’

D – Like you know what’s going to happen and it makes you cry anyways. Though you see it coming a mile away.

C – I don’t cry at movies.

D – You don’t cry at movies>

C – I’m kidding. Umm, there’s always… there’s always that thing in movies where you just know… a guy and a girl and you just know the tale is going to be they… you know, he’s a bit of a dork or… and they finally start meeting up and it’s all going good and he’s going to do something really stupid and it’s going to make her hate him and you’re just waiting for that crunching moment when she’s going to find something out and it always happen. And then after that, you know, it all works itself out again. That’s probably one of the most typical clichés but I still enjoy watching those movies, you know what I mean? Like every teen…

K – You love a happy ending.

C – I do like the happy ending. I really like sad endings too. And I like really harsh endings too. I like it when the main character dies.

D – Me too!

C – Like how often does that actually happen? It doesn’t happen in a lot of American films – it happens a lot in British films, things like that. But it doesn’t happen over here because I think… I think the typical American ending is the happy ending. You know what I mean?

D – Yeah yeah, I just saw The Illusionist and I remember thinking this would be a much better movie – well, I’ll probably spoil it for the whole internet – if she ended up dead.

C – Right.

D – If he was talking to her ghost it would be a much better movie instead of ‘oh I was just kidding, she was hiding.’

C – Yeah right.

D – What was the last movie you cried at?

C – Umm… I’m not trying to be the man who doesn’t cry at movies but I actually honestly don’t know. Yeah, I honestly don’t know. Sorry. I don’t have a good answer.

D – That’s fine. So what are you here to do at Con? Besides your appearances, what are you doing for fun?

C – Umm, I haven’t had a good look over the schedule yet so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. I know I’m going to go and see the Firefly track with Matt. I dig Firefly. Umm… and I’m definitely doing the drum circles because that’s something I’ve missed for two years now. The drum circles were so amazing and I’m hoping they’re going to stand up to my memory of them. Umm, and other than that I don’t know. I’ll have to check out the schedule and see what else is going on. And we, me and Tom, want to hit the town one night when we’re here. Go out and see what the nightlife is like in Atlanta. Yeah.

K – Well, we asked Matt – with three guys or a group of three, there’s always the pretty one, the smart one and the ho. Of you, Matt, and Tom – who’s who?

C – Oh Matt’s definitely the ho.

K – He said the same thing about you strangely.

C – Umm, what were the other two?

K – The smart one and the pretty one.

C – Huh. Well… I guess maybe Tom’s the pretty one.

K – And that would leave you as the smart one.

C – I guess.

D – Everyone wants to be the smart one.

C – Is that what they all said? (laughs) Isn’t it funny that none of us wanted to be the pretty one?

D – No, not at all. Are you guys tired… I guess, in the fandom everyone’s all like ‘oh he’s so cute’ or ‘he’s so this’ and you get tired of it.

C – You know what it is? You know what I bet it is? Nobody obviously, wants to name themselves as the ho, right? Because that’s just not a good look.

D – Are you sure because Kelly and I have played this game and Kelly’s like ‘oh I’m the ho, I wanna be the ho.’

K – I’m always the ho.

C – Well pffft, I don’t know maybe it’s a Kiwi thing. But then also naming yourself as the pretty one and everyone goes ‘what a vain up himself asshole.’ So you’ve got to fault pretty as well and then all that’s left is smarts.

D – Yep, well then you’ve solved the dilemna. Thank you.

K – Thank you.