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DragonCon 2006 Interview with Caleb Ross - Lex on The Tribe - Part One

C - Caleb Ross
D – Dreago
K – KellyGirl

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D – Hey! Come on and sit down.

C – Hey, how’re you doing?

D – Good. We are excited to talk to you. You are our patron saint.

C – Patron saint?

D – Yes, we’re serious.

K – You named us.

D – You named us.

(Caleb looks blank and we laugh at him)

D – He has no idea what we’re talking about. That’s horrible.

K – No.

D – That’s right.

K – The first year you were here, we interview you – the whole cast

C – I do remember that.

K – And you said so what’s this interview all about anyway. And Andrea was like… umm, being fabulous! So now we’re known as the Fabulous Girls.

C – That’s fantastic! (laughing hard and slapping himself on the knee) That is awesome!

D – So we were so excited when you came back. We’re like yay! Because we’ve done this now for three… four years. This is our fourth year right?

K – Yeah, fourth year.

D – Doing this type of interview and it’s really because you guys made it, made it for us. You’ve made it so well for us.

C – That’s fabulous! That is so cool!

D – It is!

C – Oh, I’m stoked! Thanks!

D – So, coming back all the way to our first interview – whatever happened to that naked rugby film?

C – (speechless)

D – You were really concerned about it – like twenty minutes later we were talking about something else and you were still…

K – And all your castmates were like we gotta know because we can’t be out on dates and see you naked on the big screen.

C – You know, it never happened. So unfortunately, or quite fortunately…

D – Fortunately for Michael because he was really concerned.

C – There is no naked Caleb in a rugby film at the moment on the big screen.


Part 1 cont'd

K- Taking it to The Tribe… Now you were on The Tribe from beginning to end

C – Yeah

K – What kept you there?

C – Umm, well, I was quite young when The Tribe started – I was only sixteen I think, sixteen or seventeen. And umm, I mean, in New Zealand there’s… getting something that stable actually is pretty rare. I mean, we’ve only got one really long-running show in New Zealand, Shortland Street, you know Tom’s on it at the moment. And I’d already done my dash on that show years ago. And so, that was about a year before Tribe. And so, being able to score something that was potentially long-running as an actor in New Zealand is very good. Umm, so I guess, experience wise kept me on there because it’s something I’m going to get five years experience doing and that’s going to be good for me for the rest of my life. And also these guys (indicates cast around the room) kept me on, you know? Because we just had so much fun filming together. It was like going to work and playing together.

D – Yeah, your castmates rave about you. Except for Matt, he says you’re a whore.

C – You know he’s a whore and I don’t like him. Actually, I don’t like Matt at all. I’ve never liked Matt. And I hope he dies.

D – See well that answers the question. That was our second question – who do you hope would die?

C – Oh yeah, Matt definitely Matt. He’s not a nice guy. He puts on this smile on his face but really…

D – He’s a bastard. Okay, good to know.

D- So what are you doing now?

C – What am I doing now? Umm, right now I am fixing up a house to sell. And then I’m going to do some traveling around New Zealand, some traveling around Australia. And then I’m actually looking at moving to Canada next year and pushing my career over in this part of the world.

D – Why Canada?

C – Uh, I looked at the States and I looked at Britain as well because I’m a British citizen. Umm, but I’ve… I spent a month in Canada in April and… uh, snowboarding and I had a lot of fun, met some cool people. And there’s quite a good scene going on in Vancouver. A lot of tv stuff and films being made in Canada, even for America. And… it’s just quite a nice relaxed chilled-out place and I just think I’ll give it a go for a year and see how it goes.

K – Is it going to be hard to leave New Zealand?

C – It is going to be hard to leave New Zealand. Because New Zealand is an amazingly beautiful place. And a lot of my family, most of my family are over there and my friends. So it is going to be hard. But having said that, Canada is very similar to New Zealand as well in a lot of respects. The people are very similar. Umm, the culture’s very similar. Even the countryside is similar though it might be six million times as big as New Zealand but…

K – There’s less beaches.

C – Yeah, beaches - it’s true. So… that’s the plan.

D – Well, we hope you have good luck with that.

C – Thanks, yeah. Umm, in the meantime, I’m also working on a tv pilot with some friends back home. I’ll try and get that done before I leave as well and we’ll see how it goes.

K – Acting or behind the scenes?

C – Acting.

K – Acting, okay. What if it gets picked?

C – Oh, then I guess my plans will get delayed slightly. So I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

K – Okay. So, is it weird for you to still be making appearances for The Tribe after all these years have gone by?

C – It is a little weird isn’t it? I was talking with Tom a little bit on the way over here about that you know? It’s had some legs. We finished three or four years ago and it must’ve finished screening here a couple years ago at least.

D – Well, it’s in syndication now.

C – Yeah I heard that. Which is great, you know? But, umm, I guess the reason it’s carried on especially over here is the fans are still loyal and interested in the show which is just amazing for us.

K – The fans are pretty crazy.

C – I guess that’s one way of putting it.

D – Doesn’t it freak you out to know, like you’re going to do the Q&A’s and people are still going to refer to you as Sexy Lexy? I mean, that’s gotta be weird.

C – D’oh! I hadn’t even thought of that. They might not though because I haven’t got the hair anymore.

D – That’s right that one girl did make that weird comment.

C – Yeah. So I don’t know, I might not be that Sexy Lexy anymore. I just might be that dude that had long hair once. So…

K – Well, I mean, you seem so much different than Lex. How hard was it to pull that out of yourself?

C – It actually wasn’t at all. Believe it or not. And I’m not saying that on the inside I’m a really horrible person. But…

D – Well maybe you are saying that.

C – Maybe I am and I just didn’t realize it. Umm, no, I found… I found it quite easy. Maybe because it’s so different from me that I knew exactly what it had to be, if that makes any sense. Umm, and I guess it was a good release as well because… because I’d like to think that I’m not horrible in real life like that. That if I did ever had any behavior like that to get out it was the perfect opportunity because that’s what the character’s all about. So… and it wasn’t too difficult.

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