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DragonCon 2006 Interview with Tom Hern - Ram on The Tribe - Part Two
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Part 2-

D – My next question is about… is about the television presenting. How do I make it segue? But you mentioned that you had started off as a tv presenter and are you still doing some of that now?

T – No, I’m trying to steer away from that actually, I’m trying to steer away from it.

D – Are you planning on staying in children’s tv because you mentioned Shortland Street and that I’m assuming is a little more adult.

T – Yeah, that is a lot more adult. Yeah, and umm… it’s definitely the route I would rather go now. It was so nice when I did the cop show before I did Shortland Street. I just did a little one episode role on a cop show called Interrogation which was really good because it was adult content and…yeah, it makes me feel like a man, you know?

D – Did you get to take your shirt off? Because I know the first time we interviewed you, you were very concerned about that.

T – Ah yeah right, yeah no I think I’ve kind of gotten over that a bit.

D – You’ve got that six-pack you always wanted?

T – Yeah, no I haven’t really got… I mean, I’ve by no means got like the buff body or anything but I’m a bit over that. Yeah, I don’t really mind. It’s not about that anyways. It’s about the performances.

D – I don’t know because when we went back and read the interviews you were very concerned.

T – Well, you know, I was a teenager, you know. It’s like - guys get paranoid about that shit.

K – You also seemed really concerned because you talked a lot about how Raymond cast a lot of unconventional looking people…

T – Yeah, it’s true.

K – And I just wonder if it made you worried about moving on, would you be able to move on because you’re not a necessarily a traditional… a Mel Gibson.

D – And not that we think this but you referred to yourself as ‘freakish looking.’

T – Yeah yeah yeah. Well, I mean, look I’ve got some new teeth now, right? I’ve got some new teeth and that’s part of the whole the thing in the business that is a load of shit. But it’s the reality. I went out after Tribe and umm… you know, I did a lot of work on my acting and I really honed my craft and got a lot better. And I can really say that. And really worked hard. And I went out to auditions you know, and people would say ‘yeah we loved what he did but he’s just not right the look for this.’ And you know, I’d get a lot of that. And then I was actually on hold for a film that was shooting in Australia and I ended up getting dropped off the film because with about a week to go before shooting they said ‘oh you know, it’s just the teeth man. You know, it’s just the teeth. We love him and if we could rush him through orthodontics and get his teeth done and whatever…’ And it turned out that I couldn’t. I didn’t have the finances to be able to go and get my teeth sorted, or the time or whatever. And umm, but after that I thought… even though…

D – It’s like a stripper who pays for implants.

T – Yeah yeah, no shit! That’s right - it’s a work investment. And I just kind of went… well, I’m not that worried about it that I wouldn’t get them done to get more work. I would rather be working and doing what I love and if that means going and getting a small change to the way I look then I’m cool with it. But that is how fickle and bullshit it is really, you know? It’s a nasty industry like that. It makes me sick.

K – And yet, here you are…

T – Yeah, well here I am but you know, things are starting to unfold for me in that sense. There is a place… there’s beginning to be more of a place for unusual looking people as well. Like you know, the whole Zach Braff kind of guy is so the guy at the moment… that’s the kind of Hollywood look.

K- The guy next door…

T – Yeah, even a little bit nerdy isn’t such a bad thing and kind of…you know like nerd chic is suddenly sexy again and you know? So all those things are good.

D – So you’re going to go out to LA? And swing out for pilot season?

T – Yeah, I’m gonna go out there and do three months for pilot season. I’ve actually got a film project that’s looking really hopeful at the moment so I’m going to meet with the director out in LA next week actually. And that could be…

D - The start of something?

T - …that could be the start of something. I really hope so.

K – We’ll cross our fingers for you too.

T – Yeah, thank you. That’d be awesome. I’ve been auditioning for shit for months. And it’s the first real big bite that we’ve had so… You never know, so hopefully…

Part 2 - continued

K – Well, you know the last time you were here you were you were very sad that you did not get to see Luke Perry.

T – Yeah yeah yeah. What’s up with that guy?

K – Who are you going to see this year?

T – I don’t know, Traci Lords maybe.
K & D – (laughing)
T – Maybe Summer or…

D – Summer Glau?

T – Yeah yeah she looks pretty good.

D – Well see that segues into my question which is who is your fantasy femme?

T – Ah yeah, my fantasy femme. Ah, well… just anyone?

D – Yeah, it’s DragonCon, all your fantasies come true.

T – My fantasy femme… shit… I watched… I don’t know her name but I watched a film on the way over here. That really bad Tom Cruise… uh, what’s it called? Mission Impossible 3? That Asian chick from that?

D – Which I did not go see…

T - Yeah, it’s not on the top of my list. But the Asian chick off that film, man she is…

K – Lucy Lui?
D – Is that Gong Li?

T – No it’s not Lucy Lui. It might be Gong Li.

D – Was she the girl from Memoirs of a Geisha?

*Note: After checking IMDB, the actress in Memoirs of a Geisha was Ziyi Zhang and the Mission Impossible 3 actress was Zhen Lei.

T – Yeah I think so, I didn’t see Memoirs of a Geisha but yeah I’m pretty sure that is her. And oh yeah… dude. There we go. That’s at the front of my consciousness. There’s plenty more back there as well. But yeah she’d be mine. Gong Li, we’ll go with that.

K – As an actor or movie viewer, what is one plot or character that’s always going to get you even if it’s a total cliché?

T – That’s always gonna?

K – That’s gonna grab your attention.

T – Aww man, Doc Holliday in Tombstone – Val Kilmer. Love that dude.

D – Westerns?

T – Yeah, love Westerns. Really usually only like old-school Westerns like umm… old Clint stuff like Josie Wales. Like (puts on character voice) ‘Don’t you piss down my back and tell me it’s rainin’.’ That kind of shit, you know? But uh, Tombstone that’s probably the only contemporary Western that I like. Doc Holliday – favorite character.

D – What is it about Westerns that get you?

T – I like… I like… you know, here we’re at a convention where people are into umm, fantasy worlds, you know? I’m not really like… sci-fi worlds don’t appeal to me. I don’t look at it and I can’t imagine myself in that world. But when I watch the Western movies I can imagine myself as a cowboy in there, you know? That’s what you’ve got to be able to do to enjoy it, don’t you? You have to feel like it’s real.

D – Live vicariously.

T - Yeah, live vicariously, exactly. So yeah, that’s why I like the Western. Yeah, I’d like to be a cowboy.

D – Awesome. Great - thank you.

K – Well, time’s up so thank you very much.

T – Thanks a lot guys. Yeah, thank you very much and I’ll talk to you again eh?