The cast of Lunar: Magic Empire! From left to right they are Par, the bush (at Par's feet), Ayeye, Kadan, Arzel, Geint, Rein (who's bending down a bit), Earendil, Valina, and Tarrant!

Long, long ago in Lunar's past, the world was subjugated under the heel of the Magic Empire. The empire's elite citizens, called warlocks, looked down upon the average citizenry as less than human and their rule was oppressive. Normal people had few rights and the gap between the warlocks and commoners was greater than a few coins. Only warlocks could serve as officers in the army, and only warlocks could make laws and police the people. All others were there merely to serve their purposes. The people cried out to Goddess Althena for sanctuary. But their cries went unanswered.

However, when the time of the Magic Empire reached its peak, there was now only one way for it to travel; down. Seeds of rebellion were sown, and those who would save the land of Lunar were soon caught up in the turmoil that began.

This is the story of Earendil, the Dragonmaster; Rein, an adolescent priest of Althena; Kadan, last of the lost race of Shadowcats; Valina, a young woman whose destiny has been bound since birth; Geint, the red dragon of Althena; Tarrant, a near invulnerable wizard; Arzel, the phoenix mage; and Ayeye, descendant of the demons whose past and future are inexorably bound with that of Lunar.

Quote of the moment:

Kadan: I am the rabbit prince! Come and frolick in the dreamy meadows of my flowery sunlight!

Welcome to the setting of the Lunar IRC RPG V: Magic Empire. After playing for two years, one month, and twenty-two days the saga of the Magic Empire has concluded. (Let me again emphasize the concluded part. I still get character submissions over a year after the game has ended.) This site is now a resource page and a place for those involved to hang their coats up at the door and sit down for a bit of nostalgia. And of course, the curious visitor who knows nothing about us is always welcome as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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Finally I'd like to thank Brian Peterson (aka Hahn) who designed this incredible gaming system for the IRC RPG, Timothy Lanza (aka TrueBlue) for the modifications to the system and for giving its instructions to Dragonmaster Lou, and thanks to Lou for giving me copies of the stuff TrueBlue gave him. :) It's a mouthful, but thanks to you, Lunar IRC RPG V: Magic Empire has been one of the most satisfying journeys I have ever had the luck to embark on.

GMRune (aka Ghaleon Dragonstar)