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Art by Katie Crown

All Shook Up (from dance series)
Watercolor, 59 x 47 inches. Copyright Katie Crown

Quiet Abstraction
Watercolor, 40 x 32 inches. Copyright Katie Crown

Black Beach (from beach series)
Oil on canvas, 73 x 54 inches. Copyright Katie Crown

I love portraying figurative situations. In one series, dancers move somewhere between reality and cartoon. They're ungrounded, but who isn't these days? I try to use watercolor in a new manner to invoke the feeling of action. I want the viewer to be drawn into the dance and have fun! I go hear lots of live music, and sometimes I sketch the dancers who swing to it.

My California beach series kicked off a humorous study of people. A number of these I call "beach noir" as they are people wandering around in the dark. I followed up with a more general series, including studies of people on escalators. I also have a group of ceramic "audiences" that hang on the wall. If you want your fifteen minutes of fame, my audiences will oblige you.

Contact Katie Crown at katie.crown@earthlink.net