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SF Recreation and Park 2016-2020 Strategic Plan violates City Charter
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SFRPD Strategic Plan approved by Rec and Park Commission, despite SF City Charter violations.

The Recreation and Park Department has followed neither the letter nor the spirit of the law for the Strategic Plan as required by the City Charter.

The Charter states: 

Prior to the adoption of each five-year plan, the Department shall conduct at least five hearings in locations distributed geographically throughout the City to receive and to consider the public’s comments upon the plan.  . .”

However, there have not been five hearings held in "locations distributed geographically throughout the City." The five duly noticed public hearings have all been held at City Hall.

Rec and Park has claimed that two meetings on the Strategic Plan were held in the neighborhoods.  However, those meetings were primarily advertised as Public Budget Meetings A very brief note tacked onto the bottom of those notices states: 

"Also, get a sneak peek at our Department's new Strategic Plan!  Find out what our staff is doing behind the scenes to help guide the department over the next several years." 

This wording clearly states that the staff is doing the planning, not the public.   It is not an invitation to a robust, give and take, planning session.  

The above notice contrasts with a different announcement asking the public  to participate in a playground design meeting, which states:  

" Join us to help shape the play experiences for San Francisco's children!" 

In addition  the general public was left out of the formative stages of the Strategic Plan.  The SF Chamber of Commerce, SPUR  and a were consulted  months before  the general public was even informed of, much less included in, the planning process.

On July 18th, we attended the Recreation and Park Commission hearing and asked them to direct the Department to follow the Charter and to engage the public in a robust planning process for the Strategic Plan.

The Commission neither commented on our request nor ask the Department about this lack of public outreach.  The Commission passed the Strategic Plan with a voice vote -- there was also no roll call, as required for City Commissions.


Click hear to read the full letter sent to the Recreation and Park Commission.

Westside Observer, May 2015


The SF Recreation and Park Department (RPD) is in the process of finalizing its 2015 Strategic Plan for the entire RPD and all of its facilities, a process begun over 20 months ago. Did you know about this process? Have you been asked your opinion? Probably not — but others more powerful and well-connected than yourself have already been enlisted to set the direction of the Plan. You can change this.

Click here to read more about the flawed process followed by the Recreation and Park Department in terms of public outreach for the Plan.

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