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Please write to protect parkland and open space in San Francisco.  See the suggestions below, or use the sample letter on the next page.


The Planning Department has released their 2013 Draft Recreation and Open Space Element:

This vital document will set policy for the acquisition, use, development, and protection of open space and parks in San Francisco for the next 25 years.  As part of the community ROSE Working Group, I have been submitting comments on the ROSE for the past 4 years.  We appreciate that many of those comments were accepted and revisions were made to the ROSE; however, the ROSE still contains issues of concern to the public.  The ROSE Working Group has written up these remaining issues and posted them on the Take Back Our Parks website --

Issues of particular importance for park preservation involve potential loss of parkland to new buildings and proposals regarding Golden Gate Park  and the GGP Master Plan.  

Firstly, the ROSE opens up our parks to use as building sites:  The1986 ROSE clearly states in policy 2.2 .

"The City's policy should be made clear: where new recreation and cultural buildings are needed they should be located outside of existing parks and playgrounds. When new indoor facilities are needed, the City should allocate funds for land acquisition as well as for construction. . . .  San Franciscans . . .  should not be put in the position of developing indoor facilities at the expense of valuable outdoor open space and the amount of outdoor open space in parks and playgrounds should not have to be reduced in order to avoid buying land for new indoor recreation or cultural facilities."

Unfortunately, the Draft 2013 ROSE offers up justifications for building in our parks.  Policy 1.3 encourages "cultural" buildings and other built features in our parks.  The term "cultural" is not defined and, frankly, could apply to just about any building project put forth by an enthusiastic special interest group.  Once one building went up, more would certainly follow.  That is why we ask that the ROSE return to the original 1986 ROSE restrictions against new buildings in our parks and encouraging the City to plan now to purchase land for  new buildings. 

Secondly, the ROSE has incorporated good language on preserving Golden Gate Park's value for passive and active recreation within a naturalistic landscape.  However, we are concerned that the ROSE's proposal to open up the 1998 Golden Gate Park Master Plan to changes would lead to a full-scale dismantling of the Master Plan and negative impacts on the historic character of the Park.  

January 25th is the current deadline for public comment on the ROSE.  It would be helpful to have letters sent to the Planning Department, the Planning Commission, and the Historic Preservation Commission.   You may use the letter template on the next page OR write your own comments, asking:

•                That the Historic Preservation Commission review the ROSE and propose appropriate language for historic preservation;

•                That the ROSE be revised to protect our parks from new building projects; the City must set aside or purchase new lands for buildings and preserve our already-limited open space;

•                That the ROSE continue to emphasize the importance of preserving Golden Gate Park as a landscape park, as outlined in the Golden Gate Park Master Plan (Objective II, Policy A):

•                That the ROSE be revised to protect the GGP Master Plan from piecemeal revisions;

•                That the deadline for public comment on the ROSE be extended, so that the Planning Department has the time to incorporate recent public and HPC comments and present a new Draft.

Comments go to :  (or Ms. Haddadan at Planning Dept, 1650 Mission Street, 4th floor, SF CA   94103.)  Please also copy:  Planning Commission and Staff   and  Historic Preservation Commission and Staff.  Their addresses can be found here:

Please send us a copy of your comment letter - 

Thanks very much!

Planning Commission & Staff

Historic Preservation Commission and Staff

Kimia Haddadan, ROSE Planner

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