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About Fox Red Labs

About Fox Red Labs and why fox red at Davikas



Fox red really is not a color but the most vivid shade of the yellow labrador retriever that can be expressed.  Fox reds have been around for an extremely long time, being bred in England before getting imported to the states.  In general the shade had grown out of popularity and breeders were continuously breeding out the shade with more preference toward the lighter yellow shades.  The preference was on the shade alone and the fox red Labrador when well bred should have the same characteristics in health, breed type and temperament of any well bred lab in any coat color.  All breeders should be trying to breed to the same standard regardless of the coat color to maintain the integrity of the Labrador retriever.

I have always admired the richer darker tones of yellow but the first true fox red I saw close up was Keepsake Brickhouse when I went to the LRC Nationals in Missouri  2006 where he was also awarded Reserve Winners Dog.  I made special trips past his handlers van to take peaks all that week and could not get enough fill of that boy.  He was stunning! 

 3 years after the Nationals where I saw Brick,  I was looking on the web and noticed a litter announced that Pam of Penara Labs had and I inquired about a fox red boy, and she had one available that I proudly purchased.  That is Ruger, Penara’s Red Label at Davikas.  It took no time for me to fall in love with this boy with the sweetest nature and lovely shade. 

Further dipping into the darker fox red we bred our Lottie to a light fox red boy, Penara's Without Warning bred by Pam but owned by Heather of Riorock labs and kept a girl Liza and co-own her brother Coopa.  In 2010 Heather had a litter with Penara’s Without Warning and Centercourt all Fired up at Applewood and because of delivery complications the bitch had to be spayed after her first litter.  I thought the pedigree was so unique that I asked about a puppy since Flame would never have another litter and that is how Riorocks Red Ryder at Davikas arrived.   

In 2012 we got a lovely red puppy that we co-own with Elkens labs named Ida and we Imported a fine young male from Silronrays labradors in France.

We are not ones to rush into anything and we have been so pleased with our existing lines here at Davikas that we will be mingling these first fox reds acquired into our foundation lines to come up with our future in reds.  In some cases it will be a two stage or more process keeping a black and then in the next generation hopefully getting the reds.  In all situations we will be breeding for health and temperament and not for color but hope by bringing in the shade we will have occasional quality red dogs.

We have Pam of Penara Labs and Heather of Riorock labs to thank in getting us started in the fox red Labrador direction  and Eleonore of Elkens labs and Sylvia of Silronray labradors for helping further continue this passion .  We also have a yellow boy  Dozer with fox red in his pedigree and a lot of hunting titled dogs from Lou Piccone of Southfork Labs in NY and a special yellow girl Twister with fox red in her pedigree from Michaela Wille of Red Diamond Labradors. and would like to thank both of these breeders for trusting us and helping us get some good genetic diversity in the Fox red shade.     I hope the future holds some lovely fox reds for and from Davikas Labrador Retrievers.




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Davikas labs has been caring for labs since 1992.  We specialize in Black Labs, Yellow Labs, Fox Red Labs and Chocolate Labs.

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