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This blog is my online peace journal with information and reflection on a variety of peace topics -- personal, local, global -- as well as peace and justice related links that I find helpful and/or inspiring. For more formal information on peace, justice and nonviolence, I urge you to explore the webpages of The Fellowship of Reconciliation USA (see FOR), of which I am a member and join our New York Fellowship of Reconciliation (see NYFOR) listserv. Also, check out my alternate Peace Hugs blog as well as my links page.


"The God of Peace is never glorified by human violence."
-- Thomas Merton

"While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart."
-- St. Francis of Assisi

"There is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence - there is only a choice between nonviolence and nonexistence."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Make Calls for Filibuster of ScAlito

I've been busy calling senators from New York AND other states urging the filibuster of far right, corporation-loving, imperial presidency supporting Supreme Court justice nominee Judge Sam Alito. New York's Hillary
Clinton and Chuck Schumer will support the filibuster. We need more senators with strength and courage -- ask them point blank, "Senator So&So, do you have the strength and courage to support Senator Kerry's filibuster of Judge Alito?". For more info and links, check out my more political Peace Hugs blog, linked below in my signature.

Peace Hugs,
Kate Anne
5:26 pm est

Friday, January 20, 2006

Too warm for comfort

With only two snowfalls this winter and too many days of spring-like weather in January, I am very uncomfortable. When I came to NYC almost twenty years ago, winters were cold with a sub-zero wind-chill factor. The current warming "trend" is chilling my environmentalist heart. I know what Bush and Exxon refuse to recognize: We have a serious global-warming problem, impacted by air pollution -- and the media prattles on about enjoying the unseasonable weather. I am not enjoying it. And I agree with David Ignatius at CommonDreams.org that Global Warming is a media story which should not be ignored. Please see his article published there on January 18th, 2006: Is It Warm in Here? We Could Be Ignoring the Biggest Story in Our History and then speak up to your legislative representatives and senators, to the media, to the White House Comment Line -- and to your friends.

This last is important. I speak to strangers on the street -- a no/no some would say in New York, but I am from Ohio (and Pennsylvania) and the weather is a topic on which people sometimes make "acceptable" small talk. When we talk about the unseasonable weather, I bring up global warming -- and frequently bring up the idea of ACTION. Don't just talk about it: Do something!

So let me take another opportunity, especially since Laurie David was just on Air America's Rachel Maddow show this morning, to encourage you and all concerned folk to join her and Bobby Kennedy Jr. and lots of others, including me in the Virtual March to Stop Global Warming. Over 260,000 have signed up so far, Laurie reported today. Join me (behind Bobby) at my page -- or go to the main home page, if you prefer, but march with us please. And let's continue to raise this issue -- before the seas raise, "thanks" to the melting of the polar ice caps, and drown our voices.

God, please help us do the work you have given us to do -- today and always, including being good stewards of this beautiful blue marble planet. Amen.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne
9:23 am est

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Listening quietly but War is a Racket

I woke up early this morning and God got me up and I went browsing, indeed surfing, the web as the Spirit moved me. I posted something at my son's blog as he had cited an excerpt from a letter by a father, Paul Schroeder, whose son Augie Schroeder was wasted in Iraq: so sooo sad! It reminded me of Major-General Smedley Butler's War is a Racket -- so I googled and found what might be the whole short book he wrote on the topic he spoke passionately about prior to WWII, in an attempt to stop it. Powerful stuff -- but bottom line it is the action. Smedley emphasized something we must act upon: we must take the profit out of war. No one should be making a killing off of killing. Read Smedley and what I said at my son's blog, and then meditate on it, research it, and take action. (Just like no one should be making money off of prisons -- but that's a topic for another day.) I've got to learn about war profiteering -- and then pass it on. I will post something about Smedley on my Peace Hugs blog where you can leave comments. Or go to my contact page and email me your thoughts, including possible links. But I guess that I will go a-googling.

While listening quietly to the Spirit, I followed some more leads and left some more comments on other blogs, and never got back to bed. I did get my composting to Dorothy Morehead's pile and arrived late to the Union Square Saturday noon-2 PM peace vigil, but at least I got to see Sam and Betty Lou and meet Philomena. There is peace in my heart, thanks to such beautiful people. But I have to keep listening and doing what I can, because there is nothing quiet or beautiful about war. It is indeed a deafening racket.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne <==who couldn't bilocate to Brooklyn
7:44 pm est

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