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This blog is my online peace journal with information and reflection on a variety of peace topics -- personal, local, global -- as well as peace and justice related links that I find helpful and/or inspiring. For more formal information on peace, justice and nonviolence, I urge you to explore the webpages of The Fellowship of Reconciliation USA (see FOR), of which I am a member and join our New York Fellowship of Reconciliation (see NYFOR) listserv. Also, check out my alternate Peace Hugs blog as well as my links page.


"The God of Peace is never glorified by human violence."
-- Thomas Merton

"While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart."
-- St. Francis of Assisi

"There is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence - there is only a choice between nonviolence and nonexistence."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Friday, October 29, 2004

Bliss-full Prelude to Voting Nov. 2nd

Wednesday at Dorothy's soon-to-be-open [mid-November -- 46th/Bliss Street and Skillman Ave. in Sunnyside] Bliss was bliss-full: good friends, good food, good politics, good show. Our WQIDC president Ira Greenberg opened the program with a rousing welcome and he handed over the emceeing to State Committeeman Jimmy Van Bramer. Jimmy continued the energy, acknowledged guests, including Congressmember Joe Crowley, our Assemblymember Cathy Nolan (who arrived late, but was welcomed early!), CB2's chair Joe Conley and vice-chair Steve Cooper, AND Mitch Sargen from Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District candidate Lois Murphy's campaign. Then there was the entertainment: Marc Crawford Leavitt's Oklahomastan was indeed an engaging and entertaining musical parody -- AND for a good cause. John Kerry needs every Democrat he can get in the House, as Joe Crowley reminded us when he addressed us after the show. It was quite an evening, and about $2500 was raised. (Thank you, Marc, Dorothy and partner John, and all who came and/or contributed!)

Not able to attend? You can still make a contribution at LoisMurphy.org -- add .04 to your dollar total and they will know that WQIDC was responsible for your donation. (Yes, the small ones add up!)

MOST IMPORTANT: VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2. We need every vote we can get for John Kerry. IF IT IS CLOSE, our country will likely be held hostage by the TRUE Axis of Evil. We know our effort has been concentrated on the swing states, BUT YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT. Witness how polls have Bush and Kerry close in New Jersey -- a supposed "safe" state for John Kerry!! We need no November Surprises which include four more years of You-Know-Who (And we don't mean Lord Voldemort, though there is a definite comparison with "Bushy".)

TELL FIVE FRIENDS THEIR VOTES ARE IMPORTANT. Call or write five friends and encourage them to get out and vote for John Kerry. YOU MAY WISH TO RECOMMEND that your NEW YORK friends vote for JOHN KERRY (and Cathy Nolan and Joe Crowley and/or whomever) on the MORE PROGRESSIVE WORKING FAMILIES PARTY LINE. This is a LABOR LINE but it gets counted to the entire KERRY (etc.) VOTE TOTAL -- and it will send a message to the Democratic Party that we want them to move more left of center.

PLEASE VOTE AND ENCOURAGE ALL TO VOTE JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT. We will still have lots of work to do after the election, because John Kerry is not as liberal as the Republicans are painting him BUT we know that we can REASON with him -- something impossible to do with George W. Bush who can't even admit to making any mistakes (except for a lame few appointments). He's a mistake -- a costly one. WE CANNOT AFFORD FOUR MORE YEARS OF GEORGE W. BUSH -- not politically, not environmentally. OUR WORLD WILL NOT SURVIVE. Certainly, the middle class as well as the environment with ALL of its species are endangered. There is truth to the tee-shirt message, "VOTE or DIE!" Choose Life -- Choose Kerry -- Vote November 2nd, and then let's all of us continue to work to make the Earth a safer, more just (socially, politically, economically, environmentally) planet. The life you safe is your own -- and your neighbors, all of them, everywhere. We are One Human Family -- VOTE -- PLEASE -- Thank you!!!

*~*~ *

BOOKMARK this Media Contact Directory -- http://www.takebackthemedia.com/directories.html -- AND go to their "Home" page to see some rousing political messages that we in the "safe states" are missing. You will need Quicktime -- well worth the download if you don't already have it on your computer.

Peace Hugs,
Kate Anne
8:36 am edt

Monday, October 25, 2004

To Pottstown PA for Kerry, Edwards, and Lois Murphy

Six of us from Sunnyside joined Pennsylvanians and Marylanders in knocking on the doors of Pottstown Democrats in a GOTV campaign for John Kerry, John Edwards, and Lois Murphy for Congress in Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District. Marc Crawford Leavitt drove Ira Greenberg, Jimmy Van Bramer, Bette Cassaro, Joan Pagan and me to this important swing state area so we could assist. I had especially good conversations with Margaret Musson, an older ex-Republican who knows Bush is wrecking our country as well as with Doug Pollack, a labor leader in Montgomery County who knows how unions and the middle class are hurting. David Mednick of Montgomery Country MD, who came up to assist their PA twin county, shared thoughts and energy too on this wonderful autumn afternoon.

Ira reminded us to paraphrase President Clinton's comment to people who say they are voting for Bush, "Oh, so you make over $200,000 a year? Then I guess it is okay for you to be voting for him." We just kept reminding people, vote your issues. Bush helps the rich, the corporations, the armament industry, the pharmaceutical companies. And he certainly is NOT pro-life. 1100+ soldiers, 15,000 - 30,000 + Iraqi civilians, 152 Texans: ALL DEAD. And our environment is dying too with Bush's terrible policies. I'm wrting a piece which I hope to put on the Essays section of this blog: "A vote for Bush is a Vote for/against...." Watch for it. And do what you can to get out the vote.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne
9:53 am edt

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Buttoning down Ohio

In swingstate Ohio this past weekend, more to see family, but sporting lots of political buttons. (I'm an "unpaid political".) Wore them at the Browns-Bengal game. Visibility is key. Lots of political ads on TV and Cleveland TV seemed to have more powerful Kerry ads than Bush. Even as we continue to express concern about Sinclair's "mockumentary", let's continue to be visible wherever we go. Dig out those buttons and wear them. Put a sign in the window.... People from all over visit NYC. Be visible for regime change. Kerry!

This week -- lots of calls to be made to swingstates, and hopefully a visit this weekend for door-to-door talks. Together we CAN and MUST make a difference. If you are against the Bush agenda you must be forcibly for Kerry -- accentuate the positive. Trust -- but don't let's sit on our duffs because our state isn't in play. Kerry! Kerry! Kerry!

PLEASE NOTE: this is my own online journal site and my own overt personal opinions -- not the official views of either Fellowship of Reconciliation or United for Peace and Justice, which can only deal in issues.

Peace hugs,
Kate Anne
9:06 am edt

Monday, October 11, 2004

Up from the sick bed to VICTORY!
A peace blogger in need of a bit more healing returns to her keyboard with a few thoughts as she and the world -- please, God -- recover. Sorting paper, I ran across a sign I used during a Bush visit to NYC. I'll insert RETIRE for "impeach" --


Well, we know we are now past depleting the surplus and truly back into a deep federal budget deficit. Googling this morning took me to the wonderful web side, http://buzzflash.com -- full of great stuff and wonderful links and a site to visit more often along with t r u t h o u t -- http://www.truthout.org. Bookmark both of them, if you haven't already. But in keeping with my sign, BuzzFlash is pushing for folks to help the Freeway Blogger -- "Drive the message home, Bush is a threat to our National Security." Check out http://www.freewayblogger.com/freewayfreespeechday.htm and help out on Oct. 13 by posting signs on highways. (Read early signs at http://www.freewayblogger.com/)

Nov. 2nd is nearly upon us. And the net contains whispers about an October Surprise. NYC's Mark Green has gone further than that. He and Air America Radio would like folks to NAME the October Surprise -- see http://nametheoctobersurprise.com/"...because the only surprise will be if there isn't one".

Finally, found another liberal blog site which allows/shows a lot of comment -- http://www.hellblazer.com/ -- "Casual match in a very dry field". Much to do -- thank YOU for doing whatever you can for peace, justice, and nonviolence.

Peace hugs -- and healing to one and all,
Kate Anne
9:32 am edt

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Saturdays for Votes

Two Citizen Action buses left NYC this Saturday for Levittown, PA, to register voters. We registered nearly 500 -- including a few Republicans, but we were nonpartisan volunteers, sponsored by US Action Education Fund -- see http://www.usaction.org. Awesome energy. My group consisted of artist Jenny Dubnau, Joan Sturgis, Janet Rotholz, Fred Alexander, Corey Oser, Fred Oser and Joyce Silver. Gene Oyler was also on my bus as was another Air America Radio fan Harold Kramer.

Tonight's phonebanking is ending early so that people can cheer on John-E against Chain-E. Having heard Graydon Carter on Charlie Rose last night, I am more and more convinced that there is a sea change and the tide is turning toward Kerry-Edwards. An admitted centrist/slightly left of centrist, Graydon reflected on the Bush administration's absolute attack on environmental policies -- another major reason to vote for Kerry-Edwards along with peace, nuclear proliferation, the Supreme Court, choice, health care/prescription costs, the outrageous budget deficit, a probable draft in a new Bush term (despite his protestations), and the US loss of moral authority in the world community. Graydon Carter's book WHAT WE'VE LOST should be added to one's to-read list. At the moment, however, stress action over reading -- together we can and must make a positive difference in the upcoming election.
8:45 am edt

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