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~ Welcome to the Nevada Self-Protection Center ~

I specialize in seminars and private lessons teaching Close Quarters Combat & Personal Self Protection using the (click link) PGR Self-Protection System . Traditional programs are also available for select individuals or semi-private groups. Email me for an appointment to set up a program designed for your specific needs.

I am a second generation Black Belt from what was the original Chuck Norris lineage, and former Chief Instructor for International Champion Harold Gross. I am the Chief Instructor of the American Tang Soo Do Alliance (ATSDA) for the State of Nevada; the ATSDA is headquartered in Southern California under Grand Master Dennis Ichikawa. I am also the owner and Chief Instructor of Body Mind & Spirit Academy of Martial Arts in Reno, Nevada. I welcome correspondence from all Martial Artists wanting to exchange or discuss ideas, training, etc.


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Gift Certificates also available; valued at $50.00 reduced to $40.00 ($35.00 each with a purchase of 2 or more). This gift may even save a life and that of course is priceless. Email kata1@earthlink.net or call 775-741-0819




Mikeal 'Bear' Smith

Martial Arts training began in mid-nineteen seventy with Tae Kwon Do and Modern Arnis followed by training in American Tang Soo Do with International Champion Harold Gross and subsequently with Grand Master Dennis Ichikawa. Then trained in JuJitsu and NinJitsu with Professor L.L. Cary. After becoming a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do served as Chief Instructor for Mr. Gross until his retirement and currently the Chief Instructor in Nevada for the American Tang Soo Do Alliance headed by Grand Master Ichikawa.
Education - Mr. Smith is Soke and 7th Degree Black Belt in the PGR Self-Protection System (CQC); Mr. Smith holds Master Rank (5th Degree Black Belt) in American Tang Soo Do under Grand Master Ichikawa; also ranked 4th Degree Black Belt in Danzan Ryu JuJitsu and 4th Degree Black Belt in NinJitsu, both under Professor L.L. Cary. Mr. Smith is also an Advanced Instructor - International SFC Unarmed Combatives. Trained in Close Quarters Combat and Philippine Stick Fighting. Educated in the healing practices of Japanese first aid and Chinese acupressure.
~ 2012 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
~ 2011 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
~ 2010 World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame Inductee
~ 2010 NBK Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee
~ 2010 Masters Hall of Fame Nominee
Competition - Wins include numerous Grand Champion, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the categories of fighting, forms, and weapons. Served as an appointed official for the USA Sport JuJitsu Team and is an assistant coach for Dog Soldier Fight Team.
Affiliations - Independent Warriors Association (IWA), American Tang Soo Do Alliance (ATSDA), Scientific Fighting Congress International, USA JuJitsu & Martial Arts Federation, American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts (ATAMA), Northern Nevada Alliance of Martial Artists (NNAMA), International Martial Arts Council of America (IMAC), World Head of Family Sokeship Council (WHFSC), Martial Arts Collective Society (MACS), World HwaRangDo Organization and the World Council of JuJitsu Organizations(WCJJO).

Training, Classes or Seminars with such Notables as:

  • Grand Master Dennis Ichikawa
  • Professor Remy Presas
  • Grand Master Stanford McNeal
  • Bruce Juchnik, Hanshi
  • Grand Master Lou Grasso
  • Grand Master Dave McNeill
  • Master Jeff Collins
  • Grand Master John Natividad
  • International Champion Harold Gross
  • Grand Master Jeff Smith
  • Master Frank Cucci
  • Grand Master Dick Douglas
  • Professor L.L. Cary
  • Grand Master Pat Worley 
  • Professor Ernesto Presas
  • Grand Master Alexander Archie
  • W. 'Hock' Hochheim
  • Grand Master Max Togisala
  • Ron Taniguchi, Sensei
  • Grand Master Hidetaka Nishiyama
  • Guro Felix Valencia



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Mikeal Smith

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