The Forgotten P.O.W. Olympics of World War II

"A real eye-opener! With all the research I've done, all the books I read and all the people I talked to, I never had any inkling of this story.  It blew me away!" -- Bob Costas, NBC Sports

"P.O.W.s, games played out of sight of the guards, medals fashioned from paper and barbed wire... If this isn't feature film material, what is?" -- Matt Roush, USA Today

Winner of the Silver Award at WorldFest International Film Festival

In a world at war, the loss of an Olympics may seem a small thing.  But not to Teodor Niewadomski and his fellow P.O.W.s in German-occupied Poland, who hatched an impossible plot:  a clandestine “Olympics” that would restore morale and serve as rebellion against their Nazi captors.

            Writer/Producer Ken Pisani spent several days in Warsaw with Teodor and other survivors of the P.O.W. Olympics of 1940, and visited the still-standing camp in Dobeigniew, site of the 1944 "Games."  The result was his critically-acclaimed and award-winning documentary short subject, “War Games,” narrated by Academy Award-winner Jack Palance.


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