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Specializing in performance enhancements for the 429/460 engine family.

High Flow Dynamics

We strive to offer proven performance components for your Ford 429/460 engine.  Whether it be a street/strip motor or a max effort stock block drag motor, our years of engine experience from the drawing board to the racetrack is put into all the products we offer.
We are a low volume, low production custom parts manufacturer.  This enables us to  put personal attention and detail into most every part we modify or create.  This also mandates that prospective customers call ahead and  check inventory status prior to ordering any parts.
Please take the time to search our website using the page links on the left of your screen.  We think you will appreciate the proven products we have to offer for your current engine and even your future builds.


You can e-mail us at:

Specializing In Performance Enhancements for the Ford 429/460 Engine Family

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