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Our external engine bolt-on components offer the finishing touches for your specific build.

Quick Change Timing Cover
Our cast aluminum timing cover enables camshaft timing changes and/or complete camshaft changes without removal of the timing chain case.  Will not work with stock mechanical waterpump.  Waterpump hole block-off pads may be machined to accept aftermarket fittings for externally driven aftermarket waterpumps.  Cam gear cover plate may be plugged with a 1-1/4" freeze plug or can accept cam-driven waterpump, fuel pump, or other accessory.


The cam gear cover access allows for quick cam timing changes with a system such as the Cloyes Quick-A-Just timing set, or complete cam changes can be made when using a Pete Jackson or Milodon gear drive set.  There is no clearancing required to install this cover over these gear driven timing sets.  Bolts to all passenger car blocks (1968-1996), Boss 429 Blocks, A96 blocks, A460 blocks, Eliminator Products blocks, etc.  Mounting hardware included.
  • Cast from virgin ingot aluminum, then heat treated
  • 356-T6
  • CNC machined
  • Fits all types of 429/460 blocks (Passenger, Boss 429, A460, A96 Aluminum, Eliminatort Products, etc.)
  • Crank seal is externally servicable
  • Cam timing changes may be made without removing the timing cover (Cloyes Quick-A-Just, Pete Jackson/Milodon gear drives)
  • Complete camshaft changes may be made without removing the timing cover (Pete Jackson/Milodon gear drives)
  • Accepts most cam-driven accesories
  • Uses Ford OEM 1.375" snout seal, BBC snout seal fitment machinable.
  • Available as-cast and machined (shown above), cast/fully machined, or billet (special order)
  • May be polished, anodized, painted or powdercoated
  • Modular design. Options/Accessories include cam drive spud & hex drive, blower idler bracket, more.
  • Instructions, mounting hardware for case and cover are included
  • Made In U.S.A.
  • Quick Change Timing Cover (shown above): $399


    Cam Driven Hex Drive Assembly
    Finally a decicated 429/460-specific cam drive spud instead of a modified brand X version!  Enables the use of cam-driven accessories, such as injector pumps, water pumps, etc. Fully machined, quality materials, race proven, and a great value. Works with our Quick Change Timing Cover, or you may modify your existing front cover for your customized setup.


  • Bolts to existing cam gear (7/16" or OEM 3/8" cam gear bolt versions available, please specify at purchase)
  • Allow's the use of cam-driven injector pumps, waterpumps, etc that may be driven from the front of the camshaft
  • Accomodates 3/8-inch hexagonal driveshaft (not included)
  • Main components are made of 1018 carbon steel
  • Works with our Quick Change Timing Cover or may be used with your modified oem front cover
  • Made In U.S.A.

    Cam Driven Hex Drive Assembly: $95

  • Offset Mag Drives
    Our own design, absolutely the answer for blown motors that need distributor clearance.  This offset drive moves the distributor forward of the engine and canted in front of the drivers-side cylinder head.  Works perfectly with our front cover and all its optional accessories.
    Offset Mag Drive (Shown Below):
    Single Mag Drive: $1695
    Dual Mag Drive: $1995


    1986-96 EFI Intake Manifold Carb Adaptor

    Our EFI intake manifold carburetor adaptor allows the installation of any 4150 series Holley carburetor to the 460 EFI intake manifold.  Adaptor plate mounting hardware and throttle cable bracket included. A4OD & E4OD throttle position sensor option available.
    EFI Carb Adaptor Kit: $79
    EFI Kit (above) with TPS Kit: $199


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    Specializing In Performance Enhancements for the Ford 429/460 Engine Family

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