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Your oiling system is one of the most important considerations in the longevity of your high performance engine.

Modified Melling Street/Strip
Performance Prepped Oil Pump
The Melling M84D oil pump serves as the OEM stock 429/460 oil pump.  Our modified standard volume pump performs better than that of the standard M84D.  We Start with a Ford Racing
M-6600-SV460 pump and improve it.  Our Street/Strip pump suits most hot rod engine builds and utilizes any oil pump pickup tube that is for use with rear-loading oil pumps like the M84D. Street/Strip Pump (shown below): $119.95


Oil Pressure Shim Kit
Increases peak output pressure of the internal oil pump. Works with any 429/460 internal wet sump oil pump as offered by Melling, Dyna-Gear, Sealed Power, Ford Racing, Milodon, etc. Includes three stainless steel shims (enough to increase peak pressure 10-30 p.s.i. depending on number of shims used), brand new factory original bypass piston plug, and instructions. This is by far the best $18 investment one could make on an otherwise bone stock 429/460 oiling system.
Oil Pressure Shim Kit (Shown Below): $19.75


Performance Oil Filter Adaptor
Our specially prepared oil filter adaptors have a radiussed exit so that oil can get around the hard corner easily and help keep the downstream oil pressure replenished. Also, by flaring the exit oil flow slows down as it enters the block cavity which reduces turbulence in the cavity and helps prepare it for the abrupt turn. Another nice feature is that our adaptor's block threads have a shoulder at the top so that it cannot be screwed too far into the engine block and bottom out/cause a restriction unto itself. Fully machined, 3/4-16 nut included for ease of installation, and instructions.
Hi- Perf Filter Adaptor (Shown Below): $20


Modified Melling Stage 1
Performance Prepped Oil Pump
The Melling M84DHV oil pumps flow greater than a stock 429/460 oil pump.  Our modified Melling High Flow pumps perform better than that of the standard M84DHV.  Our Stage 1 pump suits most engine builds and utilizes any oil pump pickup tube that is for use with rear-loading oil pumps like the M84DHV.   (For max effort internal drag race pumps, please see our Stage 2 oil pump kits). 
Stage 1 Pump (shown below): $149.95


Modified Melling Stage 2 High Flow Oil Pump With Adjustable Pressure Output
Our fully prepped Stage 2 pumps feature adjustable oil pressure output.  Pump mods are executed throughout the pump by hand and on a CNC machine for precision and consistency.  The Stage 2 Kit also includes all the raw materials to custom fabricate yourself a gargantuan pickup tube (flange, tubing, strap steel for bracket, strainer and main bolt with stand-off stud).
Stage 2 Kit (shown below): $259.95
Fab your stage 2 kit's pickup to your pan: $139.95



Free-Flow Pickup Kit
Unlike most of our competitors' smallish oil pump pickup tubes, our large diameter tube pick-up helps provide the oil pump with all the oil that the pump can supply to the engine.  Oversize oil strainer, too.  These big pickups may help reduce distributor drive loading by way of reducing the effort of the pump trying to draw thick oil through those smaller pickup tubes.  Partially fabricated, made of mild steel and tig welded.  This is a hand-made custom fab pickup and therefore requires that you finish fabrication or furnish us with your oil pan for mock-up purposes.
Free-Flow Pickup Kit: $119.95


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Specializing In Performance Enhancements for the Ford 429/460 Engine Family

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