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Name: Tara LOpez
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Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 7 13:06:47 2008
Comment: I'm enjoying your website. Thanks for your help in staring one for me! I can't wait.
Name: Mark
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Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 18 19:04:54 2008
Comment: Hi! we met today at the RV shop. You have done for years for what I am trying to learn to do!
Call me or please stop by again Mark 915-494-5349
Name: Ron & Candy Reedy (Homepage)
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Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 23 15:33:54 2007
Comment: Hello Charley & Kamala, It was fun meeting you and helping you with your many photos. It was especially wonderful to see you on the road as we were headed into town on Sunday. We will check back to see how your tour is going. Candy
Name: Elliot (Abe) Glassman
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Country: USA Date: Sat May 26 07:15:30 2007
Comment: Enjoy your Northwestern trip this summer. I will be following your exploits via your web site. Semper Fe

Name: Justin & Ulli
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Country: UK Date: Mon May 14 09:11:29 2007
Comment: Hey there!
Just was curious about your plans. Wish you both the best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.
Name: Louis Eubank
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Country: US Date: Mon Apr 23 12:09:52 2007
Comment: This is the son of the father-son cross country cycling duo you met ouside of El Paso, Louis. Iím writing you to thank you for the time you gave me in the interview and also to let you know that we did make it to Florida (though not the Atlantic Coast) and back to Maine safe and sound. Hope you guys enjoyed your Spring Break ride!
(207) 807-5654

p.s. Iíll be finished typing up the journal I kept on the trip in a few days. Would either of you like me to send you a copy?
Name: Cindi Weick
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Country: Date: Sun Feb 18 20:16:17 2007
Comment: Sunday, January 24, 2006 04:06 PM Host:

You two amaze me each year with your travels!!
Name: Bubba Hedrick
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Country: South Bend, Ind Date: Sun Feb 18 20:12:48 2007
Comment: Thursday, January 18, 2007 06:21 AM Host:
Glad you had a nice trip! Rode with you both a few miles about June 3rd....before I headed into New Harmony,Ind.....seems to me you said you blew out Continetal Town & County tires also on a previous ride,,,,,,seems like you need more pressure in your tires to prevent all these blowouts [85lbs +]...and a little less gear to make for a easier ride. LOL - Bubba
Name: Herbert Edelstein
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Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 2 13:08:10 2006
Comment: Thank you much for the dinner & noisy conversation. Most enjoyable!

Name: Rucker
IP Address:
Country: Date: Thu Nov 30 23:11:24 2006
Comment: So mr. land i really enjoyed the pics and all but wasn 't there another website i was supposed to go on...


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