For over a third of a century we've been wandering this marvelous world as a dyad. In our younger days we were both searchers; God, Meaning, Nirvana and all that kind of stuff. I've got tell you that the Search was fun and I wish I could tell you that we discovered El Dorado and fountains of Wisdom on the Search, but alas, somewhere along the line the striving for such things just fell by the wayside and we became wanderers instead of searchers (even more fun, really). I can tell you that both the Searching and the Wandering has brought into being one hell of a Love Affair. We still continue our wanderings through this amazing life on this small rock in space amongst all these amazing creatures in all kinds of ways. One type of Wandering that we do is these little bike trips every summer. Fortunately neither of us has a real job; we just play with other kids all day long, for which they actually pay us! We were teachers! We have become (very recently) retired. That gives us (not only the summers free) but the year, now, to roam about. Now, we will travel in a multitude of ways, not only bicycle; but the bicycle will always come with us because you don't have to go on a long tour to have an adventure. We are not extreme athletes. There are others out there that out ride us and do riskier adventures, on our tours, we just string daily rides together until they make up a journey. Sometimes it's hard and miserable, with obstacles to overcome. Sometimes its fun and just plain awesome; but always, we get to be together. Our tandem is more that just a neat little vehicle for us, itís a symbol to our Dyad and the love affair that both of us are so grateful came about. Just read our blog to check out what we may be up to.

Time's been trickling out since time began and though just how much is left is unknown. The future pulls adventure from seeds already sown. Karma nourishes ideas to fruition. Experiences and discoveries bloom as a plant, watered and grown. But surely there is not enough time to see it all through, because the seeds of adventure are infinite, but the sands of time not so. Each day with Kamala is an adventure.

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