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Let’s think seriously now.  You see the puppets standing here?  What gives these puppets “life” and “freedom” to move and act?  It is the strings!  When the strings are cut the puppets have independent free will to do and act as they desire… right?  Do you think that these puppets will have any more “life” or “movement” without the attached strings?  Of course not!  When we humans want to have free will it is like a puppet with no strings.  Now, give this some serious thought.  Our Creator does have “strings” on us and for this blessing we must give Him many thanks.  We are not for ourselves… we are for Him.


Act 17:28  "for in Him we live and move and have our being,  (KJV)


It is the force on the strings being pulled that gives “life” to the puppets just as the force of God’s Spirit acting in each and every living soul from God, be it the soul of a man or the soul of a beast, which gives it life.  When God removes His Spirit from the living being, the living being is dead and the soul no longer exists.




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