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PC compatible computer meters:
comes with PC software to record and monitor testing results.
A low cost "Oscilloscope"
  Digital Multimeters(DMM):
AC/DC Voltage, Current, Ohms, Capacitor, Frequency, Inductance Temperature, etc.
Analog Multimeters:
AC/DC Voltage, Current,  Ohms, Capacitor, Frequency, Temperature, etc.
  Clamp On  Multimeters:
AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Ohms, Frequency, Temperature, etc.
Thermal Meters:
Digital Display, Fahrenheit/Centigrade selectable, Indoor /Outdoor, Pool temperature, etc.
  Multimeter  Accessories:
Temperature probe, Meter Holster, Test Leads,etc.
MAS830L $19.99 NOW MAS830L: low cost hi- quality  pocket size DMM.With holster and back light.
  Now $15.99  detailed information

DT830B: Handyman digital Multimeter basic meter
  Now $9.99  detailed information

VC890D: DMM for Accurate Measurement
With protection holster and small size
  Now $39.99  detailed information
  B921: DMM for Accurate Measurement
Basic Functions with good accuracy and back Light.
  Now $25.99  detailed information
MAS344:Auto-Ranging DMM with Computer Interface
  Now $69.99  detailed information
  VC9806: DMM for Accurate Measurement, Capacitor, Frequency, Transistor.
89.00  Now $59.00  detailed information
M133: Pocket Analog Multimeter(VOM)

  Now $5.99  detailed information
  M9805G: AC  Digital Clamp Meter with LCD Backlit, Temperature. With a strong carrying case. See AC/DC clamp on ...
  Now $69.99  detailed information



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