A Bridge between DM-780 and the DXLab Suite




DM780-DXL is an interface that facilitates use of DM-780 with the DXLab suite of programs. It includes two separate bridges:

  1. A bridge between DM-780 and DXKeeper that is used to log completed QSOs as well as perform log lookups.  Callsigns passed by this bridge propagate automatically to Pathfinder and DXView as well.  This includes all the features of the earlier LA0FA dm780_dxk_gw bridge, and incorporates several additional features.
  2. An optional bridge between DM-780 and DXLab Commander that is used for rig control (CAT control).  A button pair gives you two choices:
    1. Use Commander instead of Ham Radio Deluxe for rig control.  This is far and away the most popular setup -- you are using all of the DXLab suite except for WinWarbler, and are using only DM-780 (and HRDLogbook if using v5) from the Ham Radio Deluxe package.
    2. Use Ham Radio Deluxe for rig control instead of using Commander. In this case you probably are using the DXLab HRD Bridge, which lets you use Ham Radio Deluxe instead of Commander with the rest of the DXLab suite.


·  DM780-DXL supports DM-780 version 4 as well as DM-780 version 5 (build 2636 or later). You can go back and forth between v4 and v5 without any special reconfiguration of DM780-DXL. When using the interface to DXLab Commander, the status line will read “Connected to DM-780 v5 (port 7809)” or “Connected to DM-780 v4 (port 7809”.

·  DM780-DXL is not finicky about needing the other programs it communicates with to be up and running before the gateway is started, and it will automatically reestablish communication with DM-780, DXKeeper or Commander if any of them goes away and comes back up.

·  When not minimized, DM780-DXL displays the up-or-down status of the links to DM-780, DXKeeper and Commander by using red or black status lines. When minimized to the tray, the tray icon is shown in green if all links are up, and turns to red if one or more have gone down. In addition, balloon tips pop up to alert you to the fact that a connection has gone down or come back up again.

·  DM780-DXL gives you the choice of having the gateway be minimized to the taskbar or to an icon in the Notification Area (System Tray).  Minimizing to the tray can conserve taskbar real estate for all the other DXLab programs!

·  DM780-DXL can generate text containing conversational remarks about previous QSOs with a station. This information can be targeted by a normal DM-780 macro. If you define a macro named, for example, PrevQSOs, all you have to do is click on it to send text that says something like “It is nice to meet you again, Dave. I see from my log that we have had 2 previous QSOs, most recently on 24 Nov 2006. It is nice to meet you here for the first time using PSK31”

·  DM780-DXL lets you the mark text in the DM-780 receive window and append it to previously marked and saved text.  When a QSO is complete and the log record is passed to DXKeeper, this saved text (if any) is used for the Comment field.  (The current version of DM-780 provides a way to save marked text to the Add Log Entry Remark field, but any new saved text completely replaces previous text instead of appending to it.)

·  Many configuration settings are saved and used the next time DM780-DXL is run.

·  DM-780 frequently sends redundant lookup ("PRE") requests. These are filtered out and not passed on to DXKeeper, minimizing the number of focus-stealing events.

·  Overrides can be defined for ADIF fields.  The one implemented at present is for <contest_id>.  Due to a bug/feature in the current version of DM-780, if you had a previous qso with a station during a contest, and then have a new qso with that station, DM-780 looks up previous information from the log and fills in the <contest_id> item and includes that in the record for the current QSO.  What's worse, <contest_id> is not cleared when you reset a DM-780 "Add log entry", so if you ever enter the callsign of a station you previously contacted during a contest, that (old) <contest_id> is sent with ALL subsequent log records for ANY station.  For normal operation, I set the <contest_id> override to blank to circumvent that problem, and when operating in a contest, I set the override to the value of the Contest ID that I want DXKeeper to log.

·  Trace entries are kept and can be displayed if you have any questions about what was contained in an ADIF record sent from DM-780 and what was in the massaged ADIF record sent on to DXKeeper.