"Rope & Harness" Training


Expand your working profile to include "Rope and Harness" certification!

   Did you know that "Rope and Harness" certified adjusters will receive more offers for work than those who are not. It's true, not only are they more valuable to hire but also more likely to be kept on site while all other adjusters are being released.
     Course Certification Includes:
Ground School - Learn Industry Approved Technical Skills Including:
*Tensile strengths of all required equipment
* How to calculate safe working loads
* Harness selection and usage
*Knot tying & equipment care
*Universal climbing commands
*Dry run "Belay" rehearsal/ground practice
*Equipment application for setting up the safe climb
*Minimizing shingle trauma from inspection
Two-Story/Steep Climb & Belay - Complete Supervised Instruction For an Actual Inspection of a Two-Story/Steep Roof Includes:
*Participant set up of climbing scenario
*Participant Belay of roof inspecting climber
*Participant will be Belayed as roof inspection climber
Two-Story/Steep Certification Exam - A passing score required for course certification.
K-Squared Catastrophe Svs. Two-Story/Steep Certification involves a variety of physical activities (including roof climbing and rappelling) to complete. The level of participation for this class is left entirely up to the choice of each individual participant however, course certification will only be extended upon successful completion and demonstration of materials/skills presented. Strict safety measures have been incorporated into this program which include: Highly trained staff and state of the art equipment. All participants must be in overall good physical condition and will be required to complete and sign a release of liability.
Primary Course Facilitation Staff Credentials
*Five years experience as a Two-Story/Steep team claims adjuster
*Fifteen years experience as "Climbing & Belay Instructor"
*Ten year member of TERA (Texas Experiential Ropes Association)
*Seven years experience as a "Technical & Belay Instructor Trainer" with
  services contracted by multiple companies including "Texas A&M
References to verify credentials available on request!

Certification Classes are $300.00 per person and include all climbing gear required to complete course work.
A 50% deposit is required to schedule class. Discounts will apply to groups of four or more people.
Classes are available anywhere in the United States or Canada. Instructor travel charges will only apply to groups with less than four participants.
Call to set up your certification class @   (936) 537-6759
or E-mail
Course certification provided only with successfull course completion. Program approval requires that participants must  demonstrate "technical skill" proficiency consistant with current industry & OSHA standards for safe application.