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Workshop Schedule - Oct. 2007
March 13, 2010, Taming Technology
January 2009 Librarian's Panel Discussion
September 2008 Agent's Day
May 2008 KC Litfest
Oct. 2007 - F1rst Pages Workshops
Aug. 2007 Editor's Day
May 2007 KC Litfest
April 2006 Conference
Nov. 2005 - Cover Letters and Queries
June 2004 Conference
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8:30 am

Registration, Mingle

Kiva Ampitheatre

9:00 am

Faculty introductions and short Q&A

Kiva Ampitheatre

9:30 am

(Register for only ONE of the following all-day workshops)


a. The Latino Explosion! with Adriana Dominguez

Room to be announced


b. Everyone Was a Beginner Once - with Harold Underdown

Room to be announced


c. Before You Send It Out - with Marcela Landres

Room to be announced

10:45 am

Mid-morning break

Room to be announced

11:00 am

Receive in-class writing assignment.

Room to be announced

11:30 am

Individual Writing Time.

12:30 am

Lunch Break

1:30 pm

Workshops  continue

3:00 pm

15-minute mid-afternoon break.

3:15 pm

Wrap up workshops

4:15 - 5:00 pm

Great Plot or Story Line?
30-second pitches in front of panel and open mike opportunity

Kiva Ampitheatre