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Before You Send It Out - with Marcela Landres
March 13, 2010, Taming Technology
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Track 4: Before You Send it Out - with Marcela Landres

Workshop Topics:

    Topics Include:
    a. I Want to Write--What Do I Do Now? - Getting Started
    b. What Makes a Knockout Proposal - An Editor’s Advice

Workshop Preparation:
Authors must be familiar with recent trends in the adult book market.

Pre-Conference Assignment [Email a copy to JWKC by October 20th if possible - otherwise call JWKC at 816-756-2744 for instructions]:

Submit the first 10 pages of your manuscript for critique. Fiction and nonfiction welcome. Please remember to include your name, address, phone, and email on your pages.


Marcela Landres,
Editorial Consultant
Former Editor, Simon and Schuster

Who is Marcela Landres and what is she passionate about?
Marcela Landres is an Editorial Consultant who edits manuscripts, critiques proposals, and advises on how to launch and manage a writing career. She was formerly an editor at Simon & Schuster and is the creator of Latinidad, one of Writer’s Digest magazine’s 101 Best Web Sites for Writers. A member of the Women’s Media Group, she has acted as a judge for the PEN/Beyond Margins Award and speaks frequently for organizations such as The Learning Annex. For more information, please visit http://www.marcelalandres.com/.

Marcela says, “I get excited about writers who are as professional about their careers as they are passionate about their craft.”