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Track 3: Everyone Was a Beginner Once - with Harold Underdown

Workshop Topics:

Don't Do That-- Do This! 10 Things You Need to Know

From Phone Call to Print: The Publishing Process

Workshop Preparation:

Harold will open with a look at common mistakes and how to avoid them. A group manuscript critique session before lunch will lead into new writing or ideas and feedback on them after lunch.

The day will close with "The Publishing Process."  Be sure to have read five recent books of the same type as the one you have written, and know what books have won the Caldecott and Newbery in the past few years.

(NOTE: Since this is a group critique session, you will receive the manuscripts of your writing peers and are required to read them, or at least be familiar with them, in order to participate effectively in the workshop.  No written comments are needed nor should you correct grammar – just simply be familiar.  The names of authors on manuscripts will remain anonymous.)

In addition, become familiar with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Children's Book Publishing by Harold Underdown.

Pre-Conference Assignment [Email a copy to JWKC by October 20th if possible - otherwise call JWKC at 816-756-2744 for instructions]:

For critique, submit the following:

One cover letter (if you are inexperienced with cover letters or want additional advice, refer to the following link -http://www.underdown.org/covlettr.htm

Picture books or early readers  (one manuscript, up to 2000 words)
Middle-grade or Young Adult novels (first chapter - no more than 10 pages)
Nonfiction (one complete picture book or 10 pages of a longer work)


Harold Underdown,
Editorial Consultant
Former Executive Editor, Charlesbridge Books

Who is Harold Underdown and what is he passionate about?
Harold Underdown is a freelance editorial consultant. He has worked at Macmillan, Orchard, and Charlesbridge, and has experience in trade and educational publishing. He is also the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Children's Book Publishing and runs "The Purple Crayon," a web site with information about the business at  www.underdown.org.

Harold says, "I have a weakness for good storytelling. Pull me into a narrative with a compelling plot and characters I can care about and I am lost and happy."