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Track 1: Workshop Topic:

So You Think You Know the Latino Market? A Close-Up Look.

For intermediate and advanced writers. Beginners are welcome if they are familiar with the market.  

(note: If you are looking for a crash course in publishing or a beginners workshop, this is not the workshop for you.)

Workshop Preparation:

You must be familiar with the Latino/Spanish publishing industry and know what the Pura Belpre and Americas Awards are and who has won them. In addition, come prepared to talk about what genre you want to write in and whether your work will be English, Spanish or Bilingual.

In a group critique session, you will participate in a creative discussion of your peer’s manuscripts.  You will receive the manuscripts ahead of the conference and should be familiar with them in order to participate effectively in the workshop.  All names will remain anonymous.

Pre-Conference Assignment [Email a copy to JWKC by October 20th if possible - otherwise call JWKC at 816-756-2744 for instructions]:

Adriana Dominguez will review complete picture books, and the first 10 pages, with a synopsis, of middle-grade and young adult novels. Adriana does not publish nonfiction so please do not submit nonfiction manuscripts.  All manuscripts submitted will ultimately be addressed as part of a group workshop with Adriana.

Adriana Dominguez, 
Executive Editor, HarperCollins Publishing

Who is Adriana Dominguez and what is she looking for?
While HarperCollins has a number of imprints to which the mainstream author has access, take a look at Rayo, an imprint of HarperCollins, which opens the door of this major publisher to Latino authors.  Hence, Adriana Dominguez is looking for “…originality, a keen awareness of the qualities that make a good children's book, and for Rayo in particular, background: I am very interested in material written by Latino authors in Spanish, English, and bilingually.”

Having worked with many noted Latino authors, such as Lulu Delacre of Rafi and Rosi fame and the writing team of Alma Flor Ada and Isabel F. Campoy, this is a prime opportunity for Latino authors with Latino themed stories to not only meet the Executive Editor of the fastest growing imprint in the Latino children’s book market, but to learn how to break in and get published in a tough market.

Adriana says, “I’d like to reach a happy group of folks who have been published (ideally), or authors who are familiar with the basic publishing process and have made sincere attempts to get published and want feedback.”