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August 18, 2007
--- SOLD OUT ---

2007 JWKC Professional Lecture Series


Central Library

14 W. 10th Street

Kansas City, MO 64105

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Featuring Stacy Barney of Penguin Putnam, Krista Marino of Delacorte Press and Martha Mihalick of Greenwillow this workshop was limited to 65 people. We were able to offer our guests a great opportunity to learn about and submit to editors from three closed houses. 

Photo Credits: Mary Schulte copyright 2007






Stacey Barney, Editor - Putnam Books for Young Readers: 

“My list tends to be so eclectic, but I don’t actively acquire picture books. I also often don’t respond to fantasy or science fiction that isn’t based in some sort of reality that’s familiar to me.  Witches and vampire stories unless these are characters used in a contemporary setting also usually don’t appeal to me. The bulk of my list is contemporary teen fiction with some middle grade. But I’m always willing to answer general questions about the industry or these markets even though I don’t actively acquire in them.” 


Martha Mihalick, Editor - Greenwillow: 

“I work on manuscripts for all ages, from picture book to YA. My interests are fairly wide, but series type chick lit and super-edgy novels aren't really for me.”


Krista Marino, Editor - Delacorte Books: 

“I publish middle grade and young adult fiction, so I’d like to see anything that falls into those categories. I’m open to anything that’s well written. I don’t do picture books, so I can’t really do anything with those submissions.”



8:30      Registration opens

9:00      Welcome

9:15      Stacey Barney, Putnam Books for Young Readers

10:00    Submit to Ms. Barney, morning refreshment break

10:15    Martha Mihalick, Greenwillow Books

11:00    Submit to Ms. Mihalick

11:15    Krista Marino, editor, Delacorte Press

Noon    Submit to Ms. Marino

12:15    Lunch

1:15      Workshop with Ms. Barney: “Exploring the Author/Editor Relationship”

2:15      Workshop with Ms. Mihalick: “Letting ‘Quiet’ Be Heard: The Challenges of an Oft-Cursed Word”

3:15      Afternoon refreshment break

3:30      Workshop with Ms. Marino: “Blind Spot First Pages Critique”

4:30      Editors Day ends. Thank you for joining us!



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