High Speed Microphone Preamp

The High Speed Microphone Preamp incorporates novel buffered current feedback amplifier
technology to create a microphone preamp with 4000 volts per microsecond slew rate. The fully
balanced two channel design has excellent transient response due to the ultra fast buffered
current feedback technology. Unlike transformer coupled designs, the High Speed Microphone
Preamp has no transformer coloration, and no slew limitations.
  Controls include variable 15 to 60 db gain adjustment, selectable 48 volt phantom power,
individual peak overload indicators, and a rear panel voltage mains select switch. A high current
dual servo cross coupled output stage drives difficult loads and compensates for balanced and
unbalanced destinations.
  The High Speed Microphone Preamp couples class A discrete RF transistors to ultra fast
buffered current feedback amplifiers. The balanced design offers excellent common mode
rejection, and self cancels distortion products. All circuitry is direct coupled and input blocking
capacitors are MIT and Infinicap film types. The power supply uses a low noise shielded toroidal
transformer and an AC line filter. No switches or connectors are used to preserve signal
integrity, and all solder connections are made with silver solder.

Frequency Response 2 to 200K, +0, -3db
Phase Shift less than 10 degrees 
THD   .0005%
IMD   .00015%
EIN  -132 db with 50 ohm load
Slew Rate    4000 volts per microsecond
Maximum output    +28 dbu, >200 ma current

PRICE:   $1500.00

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