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I'm Dr. Jim Fain, PhD.

I founded Fain's Herbacy with the goal of bringing scientifically supported supplements to you for the lowest prices. My staff, under my direction, combines the best of the old ways with the support of modern science. Nestled into a remote area of the beautiful Ozarks, we have time to focus on you and treat you like family. We'll advise you expertly.
Your source of expert guidance, low cost and fast service

Just talking with my staff members can make a difference (as many people have found out). You can get suggestions for scientifically supported supplements, in the proper amounts, and then easily place an order with no pressure. All with the ease of confidentially receiving your products, at your door, via Priority U.S. Mail.

Simply call the toll-free number now to get started. Speaking with a staff member of my Herbacy is FREE.

Expert Guidance

Great Prices

Delivered to your door.

Featured on National Public Radio

Doc Fain is a sought after speaker, a well regarded healer and has had the honor of being called a "Windwalker" by Native Americans. His unique view into the inner sanctums of the system provides him with a refreshing point of view.

Educational and entertaining in his presentation style, Dr. Fain is an attention grabbing speaker. Available for a nominal fee, call him to schedule a powerful, fun and education filled presentation.

Nestled in the Northwest corner of Arkansas, Fain's Herbacy is lacated in the sacred center of the healing springs that make up the preserved Victorian town of Eureka Springs.

Healing Springs of Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Stop by, write or call: 

61 North Main Street 
Eureka Springs, Arkansas  72632

Call (479) 253 - 5687

Hours: Central Time
Monday-Saturday 10am - 5:30pm 
Sunday 11am - 3pm

Customer Accolades

"I saved a bundle and I know just what I need"
Jane Harrington

"It was very easy to order and I think I have a new friend!" Melanie Gerns
"Doc Fain's supplements are scientifically backed and amazing!" Tom Burns
"Buying was easy with my VisaCard and I got my vitamins in 2 days!"

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list. E-mail to: jwfain@earthlink.net

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Fain's Herbacy
61 North Main Street
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
email to: jwfain@earthlink.net