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RCA Ribbon Microphone Repair Service

By, Kenneth M. Webb

I offer RCA Microphone repair service specializing in ribbon replacement and limited cosmetic repair. Re-ribboning of single ribbon RCA mics is $125.00. Double ribbon mics are $175.00. I use only New Old Ribbon Stock acquired from RCA's last ribbon material vendor. Cable replacement for the RCA Broadcast Mic line is drawn from brown NOS MI-43 cable made expressly for RCA. Windscreen dent removal is performed with the correct forms for 44s and 77s. All repaired mics are tuned and tested to meet optimal performance. Microphone outputs are strapped for 250 ohms impedance, unless otherwise specified, and positive pressure on the front face of the ribbon will produce a positive signal on pin 2 of the microphone output connector per AES standards. Labor, outside of ribbon replacement, will be billed at an hourly rate. Client will be responsible for shipping and insurance costs.

If you are interested in having an RCA ribbon microphone repaired, send me an e-mail and mention "microphone repair" in the subject: Kenneth Webb (

Microphone Display Poster and Key Index

The Poster is now in its second printing!

This popular poster is now available for a new reduced price! Available for $25.00 U.S. (Prefer Postal Money Orders.) or $27.00 through PayPal.

We now accept PayPal (Price is $27.00)

This price includes the Key Index and Domestic shipping costs via the Post Office. Posters are shipped in amailing tube. Please include the EXACT mailing address to which you wish the poster to be mailed. For Overseas shipping and handling (first class mail via US postal service), please include an additional $15.00 U.S. The poster is a laser print made from an original 8x10 photo negative. It is printed on high quality durable poster stock, and measures 22 inches high, by 28 inches in width. Poster shows just under 200 rare vintage microphones and accessories. The handy key index will identify the items shown on the poster.
PayPal send to:

Send postal money orders to:
Jim Webb
4918 Sardine Creek Road
Gold Hill OR. 97525.

Here is a miniature b/w picture of the poster:

For further inquiries, contact Jim Webb at: Jim Webb (
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