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Jeff's home base is The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Big Daddy headlines reguarly at The Ice House, Pasadena; The Funny Bone, Columbus; The Riviera, Las Vegas; The Comedy Stop, Atlantic City; Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, Detroit; Comedy Off Broadway, Lexington, you may want to check their line-ups ON CALENDER!

At this time Jeff is working on a project titled: "Comedy Crossfire." Louie Anderson's company is producing it, and Stephanie Miller says she wants aboard! The planned shot is for Nov. at Roseanne's new TV studio.

Aug. 29-Sept. 5


European Tour- Venice to Monte Carlo

Sept. 10-15


The Comic Strip, El Paso, TX

Oct. 30-Nov. 3


The Laff Spot, Houston, TX

Nov. 12-17


Hilarities, Cleveland, OH

Feb. 6-9


Joey's, Detroit, MI

March 7-15


Big Daddy's Barbeque, Cinema Cafe, Clearwater Beach, FL

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