ranger martha takes us to crab cove
for free music and a picnic dinner

august, 2004 - ranger martha once again with the cool destinations.  

pete escovedo and his band are playing for free, outdoors, on the beach on a warm friday night, and we'll sit on the lawn and eat picnic food.  crab cove is a beach on alameda island, and it is part of the east bay regional parks district.  martha used to work here, and everyone who works here knows her, so we get to see a lot of happy people grab martha and hug her.  that's nice.  

the thing was, pete escovedo was fine, but the performers we really liked best were this co-ed hiphop drum&bugle corps from a high school in the east bay.  these kids totally rocked the place.  they had their footwork goin' on too.  the weather really was warm and beautiful, with a light breeze which must have been stronger out on the water since so many people were kite-sailing or whatever it's called.  there were colorful people and animals in the crowd.  also a fine and mysterious sign up over the door to the ranger offices.  there's a big room there with a curved, windowed front just like the control room of a big ship (see the wheel on the far left) where some entity (coast guard?) trains people to pilot ships (?? I am not in the least nautical).

one interesting thing about the evening is that we know for sure that we took a picnic and ate it - and we now cannot remember detail one about what we had.  that's quite unusual for us.


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