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You have found the website for the best
tomatoes grown on Grand Island.

Want fresh, ripe, sweet and juicy tomatoes? This is the place! My garden produces an abundant crop of tomatoes each summer.

This bounty is available to the public
When you see the TOMATOS sign, be sure to stop. Okay, it should say TOMATOES....Oh well..

What's Ready to Pick?


Squash, Squash, Squash!!! Upon return from vacation,
The squash was abundant!!! Most had over grown but a steady supply followed.
All The tomatoes are just starting to ripen. Looks like a
bumper crop this year. Roma, Plum, Hybrid beefsteak, Grape, Cherry, Betterboy, Earlygirl, they're all getting ripe.
...MMM, Bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches...
There are alot of Roma and plum for canning and sauce.
...MMM, Spaghetti sauce...
The corn looks OK, but seems a little late.
There are beets, try baking like a potato.
Green beans are getting started too.

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