Judy Lightfoot, PhD

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Judy Lightfoot’s many articles and reviews appear regularly in Crosscut and have been published in the Los Angeles Times, Seattle newspapers, and elsewhere. In 2000 she received an award from the Seattle Arts Commission and was honored for Excellence in Journalism by the Society of Professional Journalists, an honor repeated in 2009. Her poetry appeared in many publications, and a chapbook of her poems, Calling the Crow, was published by Brooding Heron Press in 1998. Lightfoot is fascinated by the resources and resistances of the English sentence and by the generative tensions between ordinary speech and the poetic line.


Dr. Lightfoot taught English at Seattle’s Lakeside School for many years, where she won several national teaching awards, and for several years at colleges including four years at the University of Washington. She was also the Founding Head of Eastside Preparatory School, which opened near Seattle in 2003 and graduated its first class of seniors in 2009. Throughout that time she was a regular reviewer of education proposals for the National Endowment of the Humanities and led many workshops for teachers at American and international schools on teaching the traditional academic disciplines as “thinking tools” - instruments of intellectual inquiry.

Besides writing for Crosscut now, Lightfoot serves as a Freestyle Volunteer, meeting weekly for coffee at cafés with individuals who share our public spaces but are socially isolated by mental illness or homelessness. She is also a volunteer and board member at Plymouth Healing Communities and a volunteer tutor. She lives in Seattle with her husband and favorite critic, the poet Robert McNamara.

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