WEB POETRY PROJECT Worksheet 2 - Lightfoot      Student name_________________________
Web Poetry Scene. 45 minutes: Visit Web poetry sites other than yesterday's two. Follow your interests as they develop – find and read poems, learn about poets, discover what goes on in the poetry world. Don’t hurry. Take notes on what you find, notice, think, and feel. Note URLs, poets, nationalities, dates, & poem titles.
Site + URL  Names, dates of poets &/or of poems read 
      Notes                                                                **



 If you find any of these, put a mark  in the box for each one. And try inventing 5 new categories:
love poem sonnet African American poetry nature poem Colleen McElroy
blues poem ballad Asian American poetry poem based on a myth David Wagoner
“Beat” poetry blank verse Native American poetry "poetry slam" poem female poet
surrealist poem free verse Japanese poem in English cowboy poet male poet
Symbolist poem narrative poem Chinese poem in English war poetry British poet
dream poem dialogue poem  poem in your 2nd language language poetry Petrarchan poem
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