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Some of my favorite places on the Web

Buffy and Angel sites
  Other Fandom sites
* Whedonesque
Best. Website. Ever. Links to everything happening in the Whedonverse and great discussions.
* Robin of Sherwood
look for a con report by me!
* All Things Philosophical...
The best website analyzing Angel and BtVS. Fascinating!!!
* The Simpsons Archive
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Slayage: the online int'l journal of Buffy studies!
* James Bond
friend's website
* Buffy and Angel news
Good compilation of news links about the shows.
* The Godfather Trilogy
* Jane Espenson
Blog of one of the great writers of Buffy. She's currently blogging about how write a spec script.

Miscellaneous sites    
* U.S. GenWeb Project     
* Break the Chain
Stop junk email and misinformation

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