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Website Design and Production
Desktop Publishing
Technical Writing

My Resume
(PDF 46KB)


Self-published books

Services include:

        • Desktop Publishing (specializing in FrameMaker)
        • Web page design and creation
        • Website structure
        • Graphic design
        • Website maintenance
        • Marketing thru search engines,
            and appropriate newsgroups
        • Copywriting
        • Photography

Also available for contract production work on
existing websites and desktop publishing projects:

Let me do the tedious work your staff
doesn’t have the time to do.

    I have over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, including the production of websites, technical manuals, magazines, and newspapers. 

I'll bring that experience to your project.

Judy Spreng
Justeva Consulting
Bellevue, WA

Copyright © 2004 by Judy K. Spreng, all rights reserved.

I'm a communications specialist with expertise in:

  • print and web production
  • desktop publishing and graphics tools, particularly FrameMaker
  • writing end-user documentation and web content
  • single-sourcing for multiple versions and media

Unique strengths include:

  • a strong sense of graphic design and layout
  • an ability to simplify complex concepts and systems into language that anyone can understand
  • an understanding of the publishing cycle from raw content to finished product

Past projects have included:

  • Designing Effective Speech Interfaces, by Susan Weinschenk
  • Seagate Crystal Reports:
    User Manuals
    Technical Reference
    Winhelp systems
  • Triple Point Technology's Tempest & Tango User Manuals and Winhelp systems