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I have a sickness. I become obsessed with certain TV shows and have to collect everything I can lay my hands on about that show. Occassionally I have to thin out my collections to make room for the latest obsession (currently Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel).

Take a look at my collection and see if that one magazine or book you've been looking for is listed.

Look for Volume Discounts available with some magazines!
Doctor Who (below) Starlog & Starburst Robin of Sherwood

Here are many items from my Doctor Who collection that are for sale. I subscribed to and collected many Doctor Who related magazines from 1984 to around 1988, but many magazines in my collection date from earlier than that. The Target novelizations all date from the mid-Eighties.

Starlog and Starburst

I also have many Starlog and Starburst magazines that may or may not be Dr. Who related, but are of interest to any SF fan.

Robin of Sherwood

I was really into Robin of Sherwood in the early '90s -- attended many conventions and bought many fan fiction fanzines. Since they are now just taking up space in my closet, it's time to find new homes for them. UPDATE (Nov '08): Wow, they're almost all gone! Only two left. Contact me if you want to buy them.


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